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Thread: Hey everyone! Please to be here ^^

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    Default Hey everyone! Please to be here ^^

    Wotcha everyone, very pleased to meet you finally!

    I've usually kept more to the babyfur and virtual side of things then actual AB/DL elements but circumstances in my life are changing and I find i'm in the need of contact with people that have more RL experience of AB/DL and Google can only take you so far!

    I've been in and around the AB/DL scene since I was 13, I found out about it actually via some TG stories that included a AB scene that I was like ... Ooh! That sounds pretty awesome, i'm going to try some of that.

    I went to a pharmacy and bought some teen pull ups, kinda enjoyed the physicality of wearing them it but honestly it wasn't anything super special for me.

    But I've had a little side, one I have struggled with coming to terms.

    I find myself naturally suited to being a caretaker; despite my own needs and feelings.

    It can be very conflicting at times as a carer giving a little pretty much everything i've been wanting, which is probably what makes me so very good at it; not just online but also irl as well.

    I'm currently working as an IT tech girl, living full time in my new awesome preferred gender of Female and being super happy with it.

    In what little spare time I have, I write, badly; colour in things moderately okay.
    I've been working in collab with another furry artist to help her make a super awesome AR based comic on a furry website.

    I am super into computer games; minecraft, F:TL and Fallout:NV probably my top three.

    Recently I've had one of my pets (She's a puppy) move in with me to a lovely new flat here in Scotland.
    I wasn't aware she even knew about AB or had any interests in it but she knew I did and asked if she could try it out.

    She really fits it amazingly well, it's again, kinda conflicting; it's super amazing to be able to get her happy and little.
    But at the same time I see how well she can just let go, allow the little in her out and be who she wants to be.

    Things I have only managed to do very briefly once.

    So I'm here for her, and maybe me, get some new insight into how to help guide her into incontinence, something she wants and maybe find a way to help myself at the same time.

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    Hello Feefers and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction.

    Again welcome.

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