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Thread: (UK) Tena Slips going cloth backed!!! :'(

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    Default (UK) Tena Slips going cloth backed!!! :'(

    "Thank you for contacting TENA

    SCA TENA is due to launch a breathable TENA Slip product into the UK market next year.

    We do have a number of breathable products in our present products, and I am pleased to reassure you that we have received no complaints related to odour or leakage security.

    The way that breathable materials are designed, is to allow air molecules through the material to encourage air circulation and help to maintain a cool skin temperature, however urine molecules are much larger comparatively and would not be able to penetrate the material or cause leakages in this way.

    The comfort and dignity of all individuals is of paramount importance to us at SCA TENA and we hope it will further reassure you to learn that we are conducting thorough customer testing prior to introducing these products to the UK Market."

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    We already have them here in NZ, just got through four packs myself and they are actually quite good, swells really well, mash stays in place and are a good fit. The tapes are fairly crap though and being cloth backed the wings tend to leak.

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    UPDATE: "We will be re-launching the TENA Slip with a breathable outer cover.
    I hope you find this information useful."

    That was just a second message that come through to make it clear it wont be released alongside the current UK Range. Its going cloth just like the current Slip Ultima is.
    Time to stock up everyone!

    @FantasticMrFox - The tapes on the plastic ones are also crap so no changes there...

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    I have never tried any of the vintage Tenas, but the tapes have always been fairly crap on the ones I have tried.

    I think I have only tried the last three versions including the cloth backed.

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    Well, having a diaper fetish was fun. I think I'll develop a fetish for pool toys in light of this news. Later guys.

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    Oh come on! they ain't that bad! they snuggle your... bits nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    Oh come on! they ain't that bad! they snuggle your... bits nicely.
    A plastic outer shell is fundamental to my enjoyment of diapers. Cloth fucking sucks, and I don't just mean moisture.

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    Now you're just being mellow dramatic. Try them first, you might like them. I got the same impression at first.

    I'm easy either way. It's all about diversity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    Now your just being mellow dramatic.
    I wish that were the case.

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    OK, a bit of basic reverse psychology here: How do you know you wont like, until you try it?

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