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    Default Thanks ADISC!

    I joined ADisc 2 years ago when my then bf confessed about his interest in diapers. I've received a lot of good, mature advices through this site and has enabled me to have a realistic view of what it meant to be an ab/dl.

    For more than a year now, I have been married to a wonderful man who likes to wear diapers and be a baby during diaper changes. I enjoy being his mommy and, at times, when he's tired of wearing diapers, we reverse roles. It's fun. I must say that in our case, incorporating diapers on our relationship enhances our marriage. There's thrill in having juicy secrets exclusive to us, having access to our bodies multiple times in a day, and how diaper changes keep me from getting mad for too long.

    Just posting this to encourage those who take the time to reply to posts. You guys make a big difference. Hey, someone still owes us pizza!

    And to those who wonder if they'll ever find a partner who'd accept them and such a lifestyle, I'm a proof that it's possible. I guess, what's important is, diapers aren't the main thing in the relationship. My husband was willing to give it up if I wouldn't support it, but that only made me all the more want to participate as I see how much he embraces the whole of me, including my preferences or non-preferences.

    Lastly, to those who have ab/dl partners who are new to this, it is possible make diaper work for you if you're willing to give it a shot.

    Again, thank you.

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    I'm happy that things have worked out for you in your life. I say congrats and hope things continue on.

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    Thanks for posting your story. I always feel a little lost of hope in finding a partner, and it is nice to hear about when it works out.

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    Like other's have said, it's really nice to hear these stories because it seems so far away that we'll find these kind of loving relationships

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    I know I haven't offered you any feedback (apart form this) but I will say on behalf of the Adisc community (can I do that??) that has, you're welcome, and that we are glad we could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evo19 View Post
    Like other's have said, it's really nice to hear these stories because it seems so far away that we'll find these kind of loving relationships
    Thanks. My husband thought about the same thing, and would ask himself, "what are the odds?" He took the risk of losing me in the name of honesty and gained a mommy I think I saw him as someone much more than an ab/dl but a guy I can trust and respect who happened to have a liking for something unusual to me. I don't think that would be so without ADISC,

    Love conquers all
    I'm sure there'll be someone out there for you... You just haven't found them yet
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    It's great to hear a positive outcome, and thank you for taking the time to share it!

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