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Thread: Sissy Experimenting?

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    Default Sissy Experimenting?

    I remember when I was first becoming an ABDL I decided to try to wear some panties over one of my diapers I didn't really like that look or feeling but I still was interested in it.

    Did anyone else experiment to find out they were a Sissy? or did you just know?

    Does that typically mean I may be open or prone to being a sissy?

    does being submissive play into becoming sissy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearTale View Post
    Did anyone else experiment to find out they were a Sissy? or did you just know?
    Some are born sissys, some achieve sissyness, others have sissyhood thrust upon them ;-)

    You certainly can experiment to see what you like - always good to try new things in any area of your life. I didn't always consider myself a sissy/LG but I had long term parts of my character and interests that lead me that way.

    It depends what you mean by "sissy" really. When you think of the word "sissy" what pictures come into your head? and is there anything there you feel intrigued and/or turned on by?

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    Not to basically spam a one liner...but, MsClaraRiddle says it best for me too! I suppose it's as much of what you make of it BearTale. I don't think it's as much what it might possibly mean in the to what it means for you now.

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    I knew but really experimenting like this is natural it does not necessarily mean anything more than you were curious maybe you still are who knows time will tell.

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    I honestly believe, we, see it as a more natural phenomenon, it's normal to us

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    Definitely experimented a lot to find out I was a sissy. I am extremely masculine and very masculine outdoor for me it took a lot to explore my sissy side. Yes, I do believe submissiveness go hand and hand.

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    I started with experimentation and I ended up liking the girls clothes and I found out I was a sissy that way.

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    About 3 weeks ago I decided it is time to get some new little clothing. Originally I wanted some little boy cord trousers and a fitting onesie, but what finally arrived .. see below.

    I don't want to jump to quick conclusions here, but one may argue that there may have been some little girl tendencies at work during the shopping process. Where that leads to, I'll find out. All I know is that I like my new pink coloured outfit as much as my blue coloured ones. I don't see it as a decision to be the one or the other, just as a further option.

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    I do think some find it through experimentation. In my case, both diapers and girls' clothing slammed into my imagination when I was ten or eleven, and haven't gone away since. I have heard of people discovering sissy or LG interests through random events or trying things out, though. There are lots of ways too be a sissy/LG, and it's open to anyone who wants to try it out!

    And Chucky, I think it's cool that you can just enjoy all sorts of little clothing without putting it in one box or another. It shows a very open mind. And it means you get to enjoy outfits like that adorable little number in your post!

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    may i ask where you got that pink outfit, i would love to own one

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