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    Hey boys and girls ok so what are your views on Today's music and the music industry.

    For me i feel music has lost its way and i'm talking about the kind of repeated garbage you hear on the radio.
    When did music stop being about having real musical talent we live in such a disposable world where its all about making a quick catchy song that people will buy into.
    But like most of these songs they simply fade away leaving no real mark or impact with in the music culture and there is proof of this if we go back before the time of auto tune talentless over mass produced unimaginative that we call music of today.
    Im talking about the great names that will never go away the era of the legends that have scalded their names into history and into my heart and soul.
    Tho just like the dinosaurs the era of this music may be extinct but the power soul and feeling still lives on i am of course talking about the great era of rock from the likes of (led zeppelin)(AC/DC)(the doors)(ZZTOP)(Jimi hendrix)(Queen)
    (black sabbath) and so many more i could go on and on.
    These are the kind of legends and songs that we just can not help but to tap are fingers on the steering wheel to if and when we hear them come on the radio.
    And that's my point they were the days that you needed to be able to sing or have a god like gift at playing a musical instrument these wear the days that music was real and pour.
    No fancy computer witchcraft that we find in so much in music to day it seams its more about how you look then how you sound from the start of the 21th century i feel that things have become so very superficial and that's not just in music but like i said we seam to live in a disposable world.
    With that all said i do understand that there has been some very good bands that have come out trying to take music back to its original roots and i do understand that every one is different and has there own likes and dis likes. So i ask you what are your thought on this topic ? sorry it was a long one and thank you for taking the time to read this post any input would be great. Super Hugs Leo

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    There has pretty-much always been "disposable" pop. It's easy to see that the past had "better music", because, as you say yourself, most of the crappy songs just "fade away leaving no real mark or impact"... So we forget the rubbish pop of the past, and only remember the great stuff.

    It's the same today... it's just that we haven't waited long enough for all that terrible pop that you hear on the radio to fade from memory! That's my take on it, anyway.

    There is some great music being made today... and "computer witchcraft" allows a whole new level of creativity... Of course, it can also be used badly...

    I remember reading an article about science fiction recently, and someone famously said something like, "95% of science fiction is absolute rubbish"... to which some sci-fi writer said, "95% of anything is absolute rubbish". I think that's probably similar to music. But even if only 5% is any good, there's so many new tunes being made every single day, the only problem is in finding the good stuff.

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    Record companies don't like reinventing the wheel. They're looking for a rehash of Miley or Brittany, not the next big thing. There's still a ton of great music getting produced. Part of the problem is that there is that recording a record has never been easier, so the shear volume of what's being produced can make your head spin.

    Success in the music industry is also changing. You can sell a million records today, and be pretty much forgotten within a couple years. Mainstream music's turnover rate is getting ridiculous.

    I think it's a great time to be an independent artist. Computers and the internet have helped to level the playing field. Bands just getting started can set up online stores and organize tours like never before. Social media can beat the most expensive marketing campaigns. People are making serious money and they're not even signed to a major label. Record companies don't like it.

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    to illustrate the disposable pop of yesteryear:

    In 1965 Herman's Hermits outsold The Beatles in the US.

    If bands/songs from the past survive it is because they are worth remembering (although not everything worth remembering survives,) and by surviving they influence the bands that come after them, and play a part in defining what constitutes "good" music. It's not surprising we like the great works of the past, because these are the models we've been given for what good music is supposed to be. Beyond that there is the personal sentimental attachments to particular songs that you build over time - with new songs you don't have any of those positive feelings.

    If you're in your mid 20s like me, and listen to a collection of chart hits from 10 years ago you'll probably find yourself enjoying a lot of the songs far more than you did at the time - nostalgia is a powerful thing.

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    Even better that today's rock music , how has the classical music lasted this long. Most people don't realize it but they hear classical music in a lot of movies. So in a 100 years will rock be the new classical music?

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    In response to your point, Kenny, I think that classical music will just remain classical, as rock remains it's own genre as does Jazz and all those separate genres. They will all live on in their own right, but classical was still be just that.

    When you think about it, almost all of today's "popular music trends" were started only in the 20th Century, and their rise and fall has been mountainous. Meanwhile, Classical Music continues to develop, and quite often wins over new listeners: you just have to think what Classic FM has done for it in England, and on a more world-wide level, the Three Tenors famously singing "Nessun Dorma".

    Yeah, most people don't actually associate classical music with the movies, yet there it is. Some of it might be superimposed with ethnic vibes and some other quirky elements, but the orchestral centre is still there: there's just a load of "outbuildings" that the composer has built to give effect.

    As for Classical music's future, there are more accessible styles of it readily available to us, and it's now sweeping the world in a new wave: the virtual choir (which I took part in quite recently). I'd say that the art form, and most importantly, the desire to listen to it's distinctive sounds (lets be honest, how many of us actually give a wotsit about what the critics seem to gush about?) will live on for a long time yet.

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    I got a reminder that living in/near a major city and hearing what's on the radio there isn't accurately representative of the state of current music. I'm well established in what inspires me to reach for the guitar or drumsticks but every once in a while something rises above the sludge of modern pop offerings (the last time for me was Muse).
    I attended a music festival which had bands I was completely unfamiliar with, but on the way to the event I heard a song on the radio by a support band and once I got there and listened I could hear riffs from TV shows and commercials that had previously gone uncredited. There were people in the audience who obviously were fans of the bands' work and the majority of them appeared to be diehards.
    Where I'm going with this is that even though I was raw and a somewhat jaded "already been done" observer; some of these bands have been going on since the days before Youtube and American Idol - I found out because you can bet I was impressed enough by what I heard through the bad mixes and saw of the up-and-comers who put on an entertaining show as well, that I came home and looked up these bands, and learned a couple of the acts had 5 albums out and most of those self-released or distributed through very small European labels, hardly anyone on Universal Big Brother Megamedia. Except maybe the headliner, but even 'our' hometown doesnt play them on the radio here, so there ya go

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    This is pretty stupid. There will always be good music made by talented musicians you just have to actually look for it.

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    Like i said i know there are bands out there trying to take music back to its original roots and the fact is i'm not talking about talented musicians that i have to go looking for i know of many bands that are good i'm speaking about the music that is over played on the radio and on tv that's the point of this thread.
    If you had read it properly you would have seen where i was going with it at the end of the day all i hear on the radio is over mass produced garbage that has no impact.
    The era of the legends that's what is about not this 5 minute wonder music that gets rammed down are ear holes.
    There was a big fall out with jake bugg and one one erection sorry one direction about the very thing im talking about. So i don't think its stupid at all music makes the world go around so yes i do go looking for good music i do seek out real talented musicians but this is not what the post was about it was about how disposable the industry has become.

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    Aww come on, good music has never been more accessible than it is today. Popular music has never been anything but common denominator, mass produced stuff - that's why its popular music. It is arguably a lot better today than it was in the past. Rock music is fondly remembered now, but remember that its filtered. The stuff that survived the 80s is the stuff that was good. If you where to listen to 80s radio (as in radio shows made back then rather than today's "best-of" stations) you'd hear just as much mass produced music.

    Various versions of the chicken dance (with or without lyrics) was a hit all around the world from the 50s to the 80s, peaking at #2 in the UK. I really don't see how that's any better than the modern equivalents (e.g. Gangnam Style).

    When complaining that music was better in the 80s, always remember that Never Gonna Give You Up was a #1 hit. So was this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this specific cover. Meanwhile, this failed to reach number one because Never Gonna Give You Up was just too popular.

    Honestly, if you hate today's popular music you'd hate 80's popular music as much, if not more. And frankly, I'd take today's pop over most of the stuff that was popular in the 80s any day of the week - because, to be blunt, most of what was popular in the 80s was teribad. Same as the 70s, the 60s, the 50s, the 90s, the 2000s... it never changes, we just get nostalgic.

    I swear I can't wait for kids in 30 years to lament how terrible 2040's pop music is and how they wish they could go back to 2000's music.

    I also take exception with people saying that technology is ruining music. It isn't. Its the best thing to ever happen to music. It allows for completely new genre of music (whether its (progressive) house, trance or weird hybrids), it allows artists to make a living without having a label and it allows the general public to discover music they like more easily than in any other time in the past.
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