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Thread: My first online buying expierence (sort of)

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    Default My first online buying expierence (sort of)

    So last week I attempted to do my first online purchase... It was a very complicated and frustrating one to say the least.

    I ordered from "The Diaper Super Store" which apparently was a mistake. I placed my order on Tuesday for a bag of the Wellness briefs, a bag of the Abena M4's, and a couple other non-diaper products. On the website, it stated that all products were "in stock".

    Anyways, I'm not sure how familiar you all are with the website, but it says that one of the options is to do an appointment pick up. Living in the Metro area of where they run there company, this was going to be my primary option because it was going to be a whole lot cheaper in the long run than paying for the ridiculous shipping cost, when it wouldn't even cost me that much to drive there and back with gas.

    So I placed the order, and then called them to see when they would be available for pick up. The guy who answered the phone, while nice, seemed to be sort of hesitant to really give any answers.

    It was obvious to me now that this was a one man show and not a company. When he pulled up my order, he told me that the Wellness was on back order, but that they would be expecting a shipment of them on Thursday, but that when they arrived he would send me an email.

    While not exactly thrilled, being that it was only two days away, I settled for Thursday to pick up. Thursday morning I heard nothing, so in the afternoon l called the number back, and he stated that he hadn't received the shipment yet. When I asked how long it would be, he said he looked it up and that they were on a long back order and he wasn't sure, but that it could be a while.

    Now I'm starting to get frustrated. So I ask him what other products he has in stock, expecting that with the amount of products they advertise, he would say pretty much everything else. The answer I got was quite the contrary.

    He told me that all he really had was some Abenas, because "that's all the regulars really ever order." Definitely not a good answer to give a customer. So I said fine, cancel the package of the wellness and just give me another bag of the Abenas, he said it would be no issue.

    So finally after two frustrating days the order was set. When I attempted to ask him where the pick up spot would be, he stated that his pick up service "was pretty messy at this point, because they don't have a store and they don't really do it that often." After some talking, we finally settled on a location in a shopping center.

    Later, after I thought things were settled, he stated that my payment wouldn't go through. This was an issue sort of on my end, because my dog had decided to use my wallet as a chew toy, and chew my card to bits. When I went to the bank to get a new one, I was told it would be 10 days and that they put a hold on it (of course, they cancelled it before telling me all this). So I asked if there was any other way to pay, and he said just bring cash. (I think it was like $65 bucks or something). So I did, and went to the meeting point, made the payment, got the product and took off. Quick and easy (Although I felt like I was in some sort of drug deal haha, hopefully those around thought it was nothing more than a Craigslist buy or something).

    My bottom line to anyone who runs there own business, if you don't have something, make it known on your website that you are out of stock of the item, and keep your customers informed. We are the consumer, we are what keeps you in business. We expect answers and assistance if you want us to use you again. I thought that would go without saying, but apparently not. Only stocking "what the regulars buy" is not a good excuse. If you advertise it, you should have it. Not the buyers problem that you don't stock well.

    Also, if you don't want to use a particular method of delivery because you are that unorganized, don't advertise it!

    Total pain in the ass to get. I am happy with the products (for the most part), but definitely will not be going through such a headache again.

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    In defense of AB businesses, they are much like 4x4 aftermarket businesses I deal with for a hobby. Typically one person working out of there house, or small shop. This is a very nitch market, growing, but still a very small nitch market. It frustrates me that items are never in stock as well, but unless there is a huge demand, this will not change.

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    I'm completely understanding of that, don't get me wrong. I do understand that this is not a high demand field. That is not my frustration. My frustration is when you advertise something as being "in stock" on your website, but you do not physically have the product on hand. If you don't have it, or don't want to stock it, then put it on the website! It's much more of a headache for the consumer. There are many other places I can go where I don't have to worry about this. It's as simple as editing the website from saying "in stock" to "on back order".

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    The Diaper Super Store is a bad outfit to be dealing with. There are tons of legitimate and reliable outlets, this one is not one of them. Especially if you just want regular incontinence stuff there are tons of suppliers: XP Medical, CheapChux, National Incontinence that are as easy as ordering from Amazon (in fact, some sell through Amazon as well).

    This is the same clown who channels through deeker. I visited the brick and mortar store years ago and felt like I needed to go home and wash the slime off me afterwards.

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    Definitely will keep those in mind for the next time.

    I never made the connection with the whole Deeker thing, now it all makes much more sense.

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    Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that you had a sketchy experience like that. Another member here had a bad experience with them a few years ago, so you are not alone. Unfortunately, you will need to level up to see that thread. There are some very professional businesses that cater to our general interests or to our community specifically. It's worth checking ahead of time to see what others know.

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