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Thread: Back again!

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    Default Back again!

    I know it's been a while since I popped on so I thought I would reintroduce myself.

    Well you may remember me as Aren Skunk, but currently I am going by Sarn. I am a babyfur/diaperfur. I also have my messy side but I won't go into that here lol.

    I love to wear diapers whenever I can. My favorite brand is Bambinos Classico. As far as my art goes I draw mainly diapers/scat and other weird stuff. And you can find it all on Fur Affinity under my name Sarn. I don't post often but when I do its a massive flood of images.

    My other hobbies include videogames, reading and watching movies. I collect retro games and consoles and also RPG videogames. I have almost all the major classic consoles including a Dreamcast in perfect condition.

    For those who Luke MMOs I am currently playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I am on the Balmung server and my name there is Kara Sendrieth. Look me up if you wanna play.

    PSN: Arenskunk
    Xbox Live: Arenskunk
    Steam: Sarn

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    Hello Sarn and welcome back.

    This was a very nice reintroduction.

    Again welcome back.

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    Hi Sarn!

    Yay a furry! And a skunkerbutt as well?! Heee skunkers are pretttttty awesomes, if somewhat tinky, but I know a lot of skunkers and every single one of them is super cuddly ^^

    I'd totes join you on FF:ARR but trying to connect to US servers is painfully terribly slow and laggy
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