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Thread: Hiya Im Torch.

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    Default Hiya Im Torch.

    Hello, my name is Euphious E. Torchmiester The Third, but you can call me Torch. I have been lurking this site for just a lil bit now and decided participate in the fun and games as a legit member. I can be found on some other abdl community sites under similar alias' I am a lifetime member of club ABDl, a 6 year member of club babyfur, and a new member of club caretaker. When I am in "Little" mode I like to be a toddler, from the age of 1.5 to 4.5 or so. I Aside from the "little" things in my life, I also enjoy, riding motorcycles, building and racing off road race cars , aviation, making and recording electronic and acoustic music, fresh and saltwater fishing and other outdoor sports.
    I am able to decide how I would like to spend my free time. Most if it goes to my life oustside of the abdl world. But I cant spend all my time doing normal adult stuff, I have tried and, I cant. Sometimes I have to be little, cubby, needy, furry, or maybe just purely padded and comfy. or sometimes I want to help someone else be those things..
    I like to come ADISC for support mostly, because it is a site that is well suited for that. I think there is a well diversified community of members here, and they are here to share there experiences, and that is important to me.
    Anyways, looking forward to meeting you and if I might know you, Im definatly looking forward to catching up!

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    hi torch, it is very nice to meet you

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