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Thread: First day of the Aftershock music festival...

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    Default First day of the Aftershock music festival...

    Don't know if anyone else made it out to the first day of the Aftershock Concert or not, but the wife, daughter and myself were there for it.

    Lineup for today was:
    We as Human
    Otherwise (absolutely amazing to watch)
    In This Moment
    Steel Panther (at least they don't take themselves seriously)
    P.O.D. (Very good)
    Skillet (another excellent show)
    Papa Roach (Very good)
    Megadeth (way too cool to miss)
    Shinedown (incredibly good)
    Korn (good stuff)

    We got to meet the guys from Otherwise and have them sign a CD for my daughter (she's 9).

    Tomorrow's bands should be even better...

    Hell or Highwater
    Gemini Syndrome
    Falling in Reverse
    All That Remains
    Asking Alexandria
    A Day to Remember
    Five Finger Death Punch
    Avenged Sevenfold

    This doesn't even include the third stage: The Mendenhall Experiment, Nothing More, Girl On Fire, Eye Empire, Butcher Babies, Heaven's Basement, and Love and Death were on today. Tomorrow adds: Miss May I, Thousand Foot Krutch, Soil, Pop Evil, and Filter.

    Anybody else lucky enough to get there?

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    We have something like that here in NZ every year, The Big Day Out.

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    Day two was even better. Got down in the crowd for Halestorm, had my daughter on my shoulders through their set. Lzzy and Joe waved to her and all, was a lot of fun. Volbeat was absolutely incredible, can't wait to find an opportunity to see them again. Five Finger Death Punch was incredible, was down in the crowd for part of it, but I'm not big on mosh pits and there were three of them going on within ten feet of me, so I backed out a bit. Avenged Sevenfold...what is there to say? They can play like nothing else.

    I'm glad I took tomorrow off from work to recuperate. My back is sore from having 60lbs of nine year old girl on it for about an hour.

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