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Thread: Hello from Cali!

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    Default Hello from Cali!

    I'm new to the forum, only heard about it from my diaper loving significant other, but I thought this would be a fun place to hang out and maybe get some tips on new things I can do for him, since I'm not *technically* a DL myself. I am secondhand, because I know it makes him happy when I wear them/anything to do with me indulging in his lil kink with him... no pun intended


    As for the other side of me, I'm a gamer, musician, artist, and all around chill person who also loves to cook... I welcome with open arms anyone who wants to be my friend on here, been lurking for a bit and you all seem pretty laid back--quite the opposite of what I've found on fetlife, where even if I don't have any photos up, just the mention of being a sub and people want to meet up for sex -.- even if I specifically say in my "about me" I'm NOT interested... /rant

    Thanks for reading!
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    Hey there! Welcome to ADISC!

    I felt that I just had to mention what an incredibly lucky person you're SO must be to have someone like you. Not many people I know of would be willing to indulge in this type of stuff unless they are a DL themselves So... congrats on being awesome!

    I noticed you said you were a gamer, so I have to ask... Do you happen to play any rpg's? I myself recently became a fan of Fallout, and I also liked Skyrim, Borderlands and a bunch of others. There's also that gaping WoW shaped hole where 3 years of my life should be... >_>

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    I loved the new Borderlands! I play mostly play like Fable and Halo, but offscreen I play Magic: the Gathering... yeah kind of an ultra nerd... I never played WoW but I did get into Warcraft III for a bit, played it over LAN with my SO and our friend. I'm not a big money spending type so paying monthly for anything other than my XBOX Live account is hard for me XD

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    Welcome to Adisc. Happily this site isn't primarily for hooking up... and it's not that likely you might be hit on here. While I have no desire to know what your FL handle might be, I can't help but suppose if it has "sub" in it a big part of the FL membership will jump to conclusions, and generally arrive at the wrong conclusion. It is amazing how different websites really do have their own cultures.

    I'm a gamer, musician, artist, and all around chill person who also loves to cook...
    Excellent. We care about all that sort of thing. As you browse you'll find all manner of stuff to talk about unrelated to diapers, or even being nerdy.

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    Oooh hey mummysub I'm coming in from pretty much the same things, trying to find stuff to help my AB as well as chillax and chat with other awesome people like you.

    Thank you for sharing ^^

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! It's very awesome of you to indulge your partner's kink.

    Okay, random question time: What do you love to cook most? Pasta? Desserts?

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Welcome Cali!

    It's totally awesome that you want to give so much to your partner - that's so rare and quite wonderful. I hope you find lots of support and fun on this site. Oh, and thanks for sharing more about yourself than just your fetish side.

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