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Thread: New Tena briefs, same package.

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    Default New Tena briefs, same package.

    I wear pretty much 24/7 and the Tena pull up briefs are my daily favorites (the ones in the blue bag with the orange label). Anyways, with the latest bag I bought I've noticed they've made some subtle changes to the inside area of the diaper, the material looks different, they seem to stay in place better on an active person like myself, and they seem to be more absorbent. I'm really happy to see a company like Tena improving their product instead of staying with the status quo.

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    maybe I'll think of trying them again.. low chance considering my past with them but thanks for the infor

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    Yeah I have heard that some people really do not like Tena. I need something that I can afford and can conveniently pick up in town, and so far these have been the best I've found, not that I've tried a wealth of different diapers. Two things I really like about these revised ones (aside from the better absorbancy) is that when I wet in them they tend to hug up close to me instead of sagging away from my body. Second, they now have this sort of woven material in the area that goes between the legs which means that I no longer end up with little bits of what was like sock lint up my bum after an active day.

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