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Thread: Sorry kids, Linux is illegal.

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    Default Sorry kids, Linux is illegal.

    PC Pro: News: Teacher threatens to call the cops over Linux

    Blog of helios: Linux - Stop holding our kids back

    I just read this and at first I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Though, this is really pretty sad. It frightens me that these people are given any authority over technology.

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    That's funny. I've been working on Linux computers in my computer class for 2 yrs now and we all know that linux is free, that teacher is an idiot.

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    Butterfly Mage


    And the "experts" wonder why the Americal educational system has gone straight to hell -- the teachers don't know anything!

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    wheres a hand gun.

    I swear I'll shoot myself over the idiots >_> Seriously.

    God damn.

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    so do they think that its illegal because you dont have to pay for it,as in having a free os is illegal
    that my friends is EPIC PAIL!!

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    My son, when he was in junior high, had a teacher who asked the class to name three weapons of war used during the World War I as homework. When he brought his answers back to school, she marked these as wrong. His answer, the airplane, the tank, and the submarine. She thought they didn't come into being until World War II. Yes, they also teach school.

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    To be fair, If I saw some teenager handing discs out like that, there is a 90% chance it's piracy. However, It was a shame that this teacher thought that it was nothing but piracy and totally went off their socks!

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    What the heck is an epic pail? Is it the same as epic fail or was that a spelling error.

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    At the school I was at we were not supposed to borrow or lend anything, even if we were giving it away. I think the teacher did have a right to take the disks away and stop the student from going on about Linux which only deviates the teachers lesson plan if one was in progress.

    As for the teacher thinking it was illegal he/she made a mistake.

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