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Thread: Wet sitting down

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    Default Wet sitting down

    It was awesome; I was in the My little pony group and I felt the calmness and thought; "why not try?" So I did and to a great result I tinkled sitting down for the first time. I am so happy!...

    I think I can now go sitting down. There are a bunch of activities I won't have to pause when I have to go.

    I use to only be able to sit down on the toilet to go but no more.

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    Good for you working out how to do that Be careful of leaks while sitting. I find it to be a much riskier proposition than standing and it can be harder to correctly gauge capacity until you have experience. Good luck!

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    It is a learning experience....relaxing the appropriate muscles in an unaccustomed position.

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    I can go in the sitting position, but I always need to raise myself up just a little so my full weight isn't on the padding. I think it is a psychological (and probably realistic) fear of leaks otherwise.

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    Funny story.
    I had just been drinking alot last Wednesday and my diaper kinda leaked during geology when I sat down for lab. Not a bad leak at all. But i did have two small wet spots on my shorts when I got home. Thank god for black cloth ? Lol
    I need to get some boosters.

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    Pfft, I have been able to do that for ages!

    But it's great though, isn't it. Kinda makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

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    nice my favorite way to go is laying down, that way my whole diaper gets wet, not just the front lol

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    I agree with babymike. When you pee laying down it pours into the diaper but also runs down your crotch and into your bum with the wet warmness.

    And hooray for you! I hope you use it more often :P.

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    If I had any diapers to try with, this would be my first test, I never pee standing up.

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    Yes sitting is a risky business especially when you have a velour chair, leaks can be a pain but luckily i have now gauged the correct diaper and booster for these for myself so no more spills as long as i don't wait for round 2 i am fine.

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