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Thread: I miss sleeping in my diaper

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    Default I miss sleeping in my diaper

    One of my favourite things to do was to sleep in a diaper. Whether it was wet or dry, I loved the snugglyness that came with it. Being in a nice warm bed with just a diaper on.

    My girlfriend now lives with me though, and of course we sleep in the same bed, and she does not know of my desire for diapers.. yet.

    But I am just feeling a little sad right now. A frustrating situation indeed.

    Does anyone else have similar issues?

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    That does sound frustrating. I would feel the same if I couldn't wear at night.

    It might be about time to tell her if you're living together. I know it's scary, but diapers could be a deal breaker for her. It's not exactly fair to potentially waste her time, and the longer you put it off, the more likely she'll feel you don't trust her.

    She might notice your change in mood as well since you feel frustrated about not being able to wear diapers. That could cause her to worry unnecessarily trying to figure out what's wrong with you.

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    I'm going to agree with the other posters, if you two are serious, you should be honest with her about your desires/interests. I've read too many first hand accounts of marriages ending due to someone confessing to their partner as an ABDL after 30 years of being together. Best get it over with before you commit any further, don't tell yourself you can suppress your desires for the sake of the relationship either, you can't. Not for very long anyway, it's going to bubble up later stronger than ever.

    I told my boyfriend and he was very understanding, but he's a kinky guy himself, and very open minded. I'm glad I told him and got it out of the way, now we play together somewhat, but mostly I'm just happy knowing our love is deep enough that he accepts every part of me. If our relationship would have ended because he didn't accept me for being me, I'd be heartbroken, but eventually I would move on, knowing that I was free to pursue someone who would accept me enough to allow me to pursue my fetish without guilt, or even happily indulge me in it.

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    DISCLAIMER: I was only introduced to the ABDL world by my boyfriend, but I have learned to absolutely love being a Mommy

    Now, it might just be because I'm a person who's really open to different fetishes, but when my BF finally told me after a year of dating, I was overjoyed. I wished he'd told me sooner and I tried to do everything I could to make up for what I thought was lost time.

    I don't know how your girlfriend is, but like most of the other people said... you should probably tell her. If she truly in love with you, which I assume she does if she lives with you, she will understand. I know it's easier said than done, so good luck

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    I think I would also tell her, since you two are serious enough to be sharing a bed at night. This means a lot to you, as it means a lot to most ABDLs. Perhaps the two of you could then come up with compromises. You could say that, for example, you won't wet the diaper in bed, so that she doesn't get grossed out. Or you could say that it's only for a couple of nights a week (or whatever schedule you agree on.) Coming up with a plan together would be a nice way to introduce this idea to her and give her a voice and some control over the issue so it's not just thrust upon her.

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    I am also dl, really without ab tendencies. I lived with a girl, but diapers were not my only turnon and our sex life was pretty fab. One thing you might have to face is her thinking that it's what you wear that is the turnon and not her, and I faced a bit of the girl being jealous of the diaper. Watch out for that. In any case, open and frank discussion of personal things connected with feelings and emotions is a good idea in ongoing stable relationships.

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    Sleeping in a diaper is always "comforting". I feel the most secure.

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    Words can't even begin to describe how much I freakin miss that feeling!

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    When I started dating my wife now, I gave my diapers up, cause I didn't think she could love a grown man in diapers. But as time went on I missed my diapers more and more, and finally I decided to come out and tell her about my little side. Thank God she was so open minded and understanding and supportive, I was so scared she was going to leave me. Today I enjoy being diapered 24/7 and she is still by my side and has even joined our site since then.

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