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Thread: a whole weekend in diapers

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    Default a whole weekend in diapers

    So I've got the apartment to myself all weekend and a whole package of girls goodnites that I plan to use. Any ideas for fun things to do.

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    also if anybody know of some decent taped diapers that I can pick up at wallgreens or cvs that would be great.

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    You could try doing a diaper dare or two from this site. (Warning, while most parts of that site are PG-13, some parts of it are most certainly 18+.)

    A lot of the dice dares in particular can be quite a fun way to hang around in diapers for a weekend or so.

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    Just your basic "no potty except for #2" is a no-brainer

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    Thingy, were on this site would one find the dares? I'd enjoy reading them!

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    Try drinking a lot of water and holding it in until you burst. That might be a fun first thing to do.

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    just go all out! take all of your baby gear out and just go "goo goo ga ga" having time alone in diapers is sometimes an amazing opportunity and is very underrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by loadedpamperman View Post
    Thingy, were on this site would one find the dares? I'd enjoy reading them!
    Well, the location I linked was a listing of every thread on that site with the tag "diaper". At the far right, it shows the forum that the thread is in. There is a Request forum where people request dares within a certain topic, and people post them. Then there is a "Person above" section that are pretty much giant threads filled with people daring the previous poster to do something.

    A lot of those aren't very realistic though.

    The "Dice dares" and plain 'ol "Dares" sections on the other hand are usually much better. The "Dice Dares" section is filled with luck of the dice dares where you have to do certain things depending on how you roll a dice. You could get off easy, or could get a really difficult dare. Then there is the plain 'ol "Dares" section where the original poster posts a dare and people respond if they do it.

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