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Thread: AB/DL friends just to hang out

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    Question AB/DL friends just to hang out

    Have any of you just diapered up with a trusted friend where your both diapered? I am just wondering if this could be an activity for me and perhaps a friend who would like to try something new.

    Of course I would look for some one who is an adult baby so they can bring their own stuff but it would be a cool dare or bet to do with a friend. See who could go longer smelling the others dirty diaper or just hang out play a card game with out using the bathroom the whole day. Perhaps see who can stand being in their diaper the longest.
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    that would be cool. i wish i had friends that were into this near me. .. all my friends back home would never even tink about such a thing.

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    I fantasized about that before I don't think any of my friends would be up to it though

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    Man, this would be awesome! I'm still working on finding ABDLs in my area who aren't looking for hookups :/

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    Try it and you'll see if it works or not...

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    So how do we go about finding out who is in our area, and interested in getting together to enjoy diapers?

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    I'm so glad I'm from a small country with an active meeting scene, because I actually do have a couple of good AB/DL friends to hang out with. =P Sometimes we're diapered, sometimes we aren't.

    But yeah, I've heard that even in the US, there are regular meetups ('munches') in almost every part of the country, so if you want to meet others you should definitely look into that!

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    I told a selected few of my friends about the diaper reverse psychology but fewer know that I am an adult baby. I am thinking about telling my close friend who I had over a couple of times the whole story and ask him if he might want to try it. Better yet dare him. See if I cant talk him into it without using the line "I bet you would not last long."

    For those of you who don't know. Diapers alone was a fetish until I got fed up with it and started to wear them like underwear to work. I am still trying to make it like a normal thing for me. I never have strong urges like I use to for it to be a fetish.

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    Whilst I am not a DL/AB myself I have some friends into this. I would however not say no to trying it. I am a pretty damn open minded guy you see. Not sure how my friends would re act to me in a Diaper tho.

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    I sorta feel all special after reading this thread. Ive been hanging out with other abdl friends for a few years now... we just chill and watch sports, movies, order pizza, and just chill in our diapers...nothing sexual at all... prolly about once a month or so...its a great time and feels so free and liberating.

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