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Thread: dry 24/7 never open

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    Default dry 24/7 never open

    okay guys, when is other dry 24/7 site actually open? these people are rediculous I have been trying for a month and Its locked, and before that it had a virus but I know people are getting them because my one friend has them.. wish I had his number now.... but is there a trick to getting them or something?

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    major part failure at only manufacturing plant in Israel shutting down production last spring.
    part could not be obtained/fixed/re-machined (? in this day and age?)
    shifted factory to NY, NY, as the US was its most major market
    Initial production plagued with problems
    Rent on facility is past due, funding fell apart.
    likely the company is currently in receivership now (my thoughts)
    the problem is, IMHO they might have done better to ask their customers for help
    an IPO perhaps? to secure funding to effect repairs, pay the rent, etc
    until they get back on their feet.
    if it worked on the first go, they might actually have been in a great
    financial position about now. Unfortunately I don't quite think they an pull it off now

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    I kind of agree with bebehuey. I think their financial backers pulled the plug. Also their web site is down with no mention of when it will be back up.

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    Well isnt that just f---ing great, a brand new machine in a new facillity that will wind up being bought by kimberly clark to make more worthless depends pullups on.I guess those of us living in america are doomed when it comes to decent diapers and for our sake i hope nothing happens to abena or we wont have any heavy duty diapers anymore. Sorry to be such a pessimist guys, i am just going off experience

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    I just got an email from Dry Care the other day, saying that they are looking for distributors and asked me if there was a spesific company I would recommand in my country. They sent me this email because I previously contacted them asking about if it's possible to ship to other countries (or something like that, it's maybe a year or two since I contacted them, so I don't remember the spesific question). But something is going on, and I think I can see good news on the horizon.

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    wow that's rediculous... guess I'll go for some other brand, thanks tho, prolly gonna be stuck with some cheapo brand cus I'm not about to pay bambino 2.34$ a diaper (least I think that's what it was last I did the math)

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    Has Gary at XPMedical been asked about this? He'd share any new information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFD View Post
    Has Gary at XPMedical been asked about this? He'd share any new information.
    I think Gary will give us some answers whenever he gets some straight answers from Dry Care.

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    The latest from our friend Gary can be found here... XP Medical - Dry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Adult Diapers

    Also he seems to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for fans of these products

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    wow.... looks like they're gonna fail to me the way he's talking

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