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Thread: New to using diapers

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    Default New to using diapers

    I'm new to using diapers, I would like to know what people would use for a new being of using diapers.

    Thank you

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    I'm not sure what you are asking. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more.
    Generally diapers are used for peeing or pooping into.

    Since you are new, I would suggest only peeing. Once you are used to that and are OK with it, you could try pooping. Doing that is generally a bit more messy, so be ready for the stink and the sight/cleanup if it.
    Some don't like to poop often in their diapers, but I sure do because its just so much fun.

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    if your asking about a recommendation, there are many different brands and types for all different kinds of people and uses. if wetting is your thing then you'll probably want something really absorbent. Abena is absorbancy at its best, an M4 will take multiple wettings with ease. if u want to look cute or babyish then there are bambino's, AB Universe cushies, and more. if you just want to know what it feels like wearing a diaper then almost any old diaper will work. like Mickey said though a little further elaboration would be very helpful to us in order to provide a good answer.

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    I can't really suggest any one brand as I've not tried many and from what I've seen around here there is a lot of choice based on your own preferences so I'll just point you towards the Diaper Review Articles

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    Allybear, I didn't know you were from NZ? We have a really small community here so it's good to see another NZ'er in the AB/DL community.

    Now to answer your question: As MickeyM has suggested, using them for number 1 is the first step. My advice is if you are new to it, drink lots of water, that will help hide the smell and will help you go easier too. And that way, it'll train your brain to just go with it when padded up.

    As for number 2? For some that comes naturally, for others not so much. So just get used to number one fist and when you feel ready for number 2 let us know so we can help.

    And since you're from NZ, don't be afraid to drop me a line some time. I have been a DL/AB for a long time and I can offer some great advice, where to buy, reviews, products etc

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