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Thread: I had DADDY TIME today!!!!

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    Default I had DADDY TIME today!!!!

    Working in the restaurant industry usually means that I am working when everybody else is home. So it is no surprise that my daddy tends to work the usual 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, And I work evenings, and also weekends. But today, he happened to have a day off. I was working a split shift, which means I work lunch, had a few hours' break, and then had to go back and work dinner rush through closing. We weren't sure if we can make it work, because he did have errands to run, but I begged him. I really needed some quality little time with my daddy.

    It seemed like it took an extra long time to get out of lunch today. Normally I am done by 1 o'clock, But today was extra busy, and I got stuck in the store until 2. Upon clocking out, I raced to his house faster than I probably should have. It's an interesting dynamic that my daddy and I have. Though he acts as my daddy, he is younger than me chronologically, and even the age he regresses to is younger than I usually go. He was already dressed up, and he was well prepared for the afternoon ahead. He was padded with an Abena L4, and protected by the baby pants plastic pants, stuffed into a onesie, and was wearing a crisp new set of the baby pants shortalls. He looked so adorable and cute. I had to wonder for a second who the baby was here.

    We had some play time, and then some cuddle time. In between, he changed me into a fresh diaper. I started to get sleepy. I curled up next to him and that is when he put a Nuk 5 in my mouth. it was my first time with that pacifier. Wow! He rocked me back and forth gently and I fell asleep in his arms. When I woke up, I definitely needed another change. He gladly obliged me and then sent me on my way back to work.

    I feel all kinds of awesome right now.

    It's interesting to note that when I did regress today, I was a lot younger than I normally get as well. Maybe it was the pacifier, but I definitely felt more like I was 2 than I was four or five. And I love carrying that good vibe throughout the evening.

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    Sounds like you had a stressful morning and really needed the 'special' attention you got.

    Glad it worked out so well's to many more...

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    I love daddy and mommy time if only I had a permanent one.

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    Hey there it is a great feeling i find it makes me feel like i have been to the moon and back when i come back from have little time with my Daddy.
    Sounds like you had a lovely time and a nice nap to you little sleepy head .
    Super Big Hugs to my playground buddy Leo

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    It was a good nap, way too short though. Hugs!!

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    sounds like it was an amazing experience. Maybe you'll find yourself regressing younger more often now?

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    Maybe. I like being 4, but 2 felt pretty good. I'd be a really sleepy 2 y/o though, that Nuk 5 racked me out!

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