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    Default Padded cinema trip

    I'm about to go to the cinema with 3 friends while I'm wearing a Tena Slip Maxi with a Lille Classic Booster Pad. I'll post an update after the film

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    I take it they're unaware of your underwear choice...

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    Well you will be cool going in. Not sure about coming out though. I personalty would have not added the booster. I find them walk able in, even when full, and seeing how much they already absorb, I don't think they actually need one. I personally don't see why people say they get to thick to use in public. I personalty have never had a issue with walking in a full one, but then again I only wear the smalls. The mediums might get insanely huge, I am sure. In that case you might end up walking out of there with a waddle.

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    I only wet about half a bladder's worth while I was in there (only third time wearing in public) so I did have a slight waddle but used the story about my dodgy knee to cover it up. However as I was driving home and dropping each if my friends off at their houses, I kept letting more and more out so now I'm sat in an almost full diaper. Overall it was quite a successful outing and I think I'll try it again but I think I'll take kratox's advice and leave the booster at home, it was a bit of overkill really

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    cinema wettings are the best it makes me feel so little like when I was a kid and was so enthralled in the activity I was involved in and just wet my diaper I love that feeling of just naughtiness :P

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