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    My baby and I were talking the other day and we think we should have a reality show on TLC called The REAL Little Couple ... or The REALLY Little Couple :P

    We're from Ohio, love music, especially this little band from Vermont called Phish, and have a synergistic love for other people. We're kind of in this cycle right now where the shit that is going on in Syria, looming WWIII with Russia, etc. scares the crap out of us so much that the only thing that makes us feel better is learning more about it- which then scares more crap out of us. So we decided to wear diapers to try to stay one step ahead of the global elite that are actually pulling the strings in this staged play commonly referred to as "the news" ... and so far we think we're winning like Charlie Sheen :P

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    Hello PhishBabyLove and welcome to the group.

    This is a very interesting introduction. I hope you find information and support from the group.

    Again welcome.

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    Hard to tell how serious you are lol . I hope it continues to work out for you though. Don't worry too much about WWIII, as the whole mutually assured destruction business tends to make it end in one big explosion. But good to meet you and welcome!

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    Yes, the prospect of MAD is what kept the US and the Soviet Union from blowing each other up post WWII ... Ever hear about the disclosure project from Dr. Steven Greer? After the advent of nuclear weapons (which the use of results in Mutually Assured Destruction, hence MAD), there are four stages of global control and manipulation:

    Stage 1: Cold War ... After the defeat of the Axis Powers in WWII (ie Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan), the main way that global policy was handled was through the lens and in the context of the ideological conflict between capitalism and communism. Imagine growing up in the 1950's with nuke drills where your elementary school teacher instructed you to crouch under your wooden desk if a nuclear bomb hit. These drills and everything else helped to beat the American psyche into complete submission out of fear.

    Stage 2: Rogue Nations ... Vietnam and Korea are two main examples. During this time period, the Cold War was fought via "proxy wars" which were sold to the American public as a way to stop the spread of communism.

    Stage 3: Terrorism ... The stage we are currently in now. 9/11 especially was a catalyst for scaring the crap out of the American public so much that we willingly gave away more of our liberties so that we could be protected from the evils of terrorism (ever hear of this little thing called the PATRIOT Act?) ... Essentially in this stage the fear and threat of terrorism and terrorists is the organizing principle in domestic and foreign policy generation and debate- again, control and manipulation through fear.

    Now there is a fourth and final stage that has yet to come to fruition, and it will scare the crap out of the world SO MUCH that we will BEG our dear leaders to form a one world government to protect us. And what is this fourth and final stage of global control through fear? According to Dr. Greer ...

    Stage 4: A Hoaxed Extraterrestrial Threat ... Whereby an alien attack is faked, large numbers of people are killed (a CENTRAL goal of the global elite BTDubs), and the easily controlled remnants of humanity are more than happy to give their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness over to the waiting cabal of globalists who have been waiting for this moment of the culmination of their plan for world domination for a long, long time.

    I hope he's wrong ... Either way we'll be in thick, crinkly diapers with a nuk 5 loving God, each other, and the world until we inevitably transition to the next stage of consciousness

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