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Thread: having woman problems cause im into diapers (im i alone) help!

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    Default having woman problems cause im into diapers (im i alone) help!

    I'm wondering if I'm the only one that's having sex problems with my wife, lover? This is my problem I'm attracted to diapers that's what turns me on and I'm slacking on the sex department with my wife. I'm turning her away from me and I don't want that we have a happy life we just lack on sex. I want to give her what she wants but its hard. My question is-is anybody else going through the same thing? I would love to have a guy in diapers walking around and changing me and not having to worry what they think but I want to have kids and have a normal life I'm happy with mine I wish she was too I'm just not attracted to men or woman I'm attracted to diapers and I hate to admit it. Let me know if I'm alone please.

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    I'm sure someone with vastly more experience about diapers and relationships will post something but until then, my ramblings will hopefully help a bit.

    I don't think you are alone as I'm sure others find it hard to balance relationships when the attraction to diapers is so strong but the important thing is balance. A lot of us spend years with this in our lives so when we are lucky enough to find someone to share our life with, our years of diaper need are released into the relationship. The imbalance this causes needs to be addressed.

    I couldn't tell from your post if your wife knows about diapers so I can only assume she does. If you have kept this a secret then that is a whole new set of problems that would need to be addressed.

    First I'd suggest talking to your wife and explaining that you are having problems. Reassure her, tell her you love her and ask for her help to rebalance your need for diapers. It will help you greatly if she is on your side to help and support what is obviously a difficult problem.

    Get Help and see a therapist, you are having problems with diapers and your need for them, there is nothing wrong in seeking help for this as it is causing problems in your relationship. I'm not suggesting trying to give them up, that would be mad, but get help to rebalance the need you have for them.

    I hope this helps a bit.

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    It sounds to me like you're basically not getting your needs met, and therefore you may feel a bit of resentment about meeting your wife's needs. I've gone through a similar thing to this. If my kinky desires aren't met I have gotten a bit unreceptive to more normal sexual play. I remember reading that we do tend to kind of keep a subconscious tally of checks and balances and making sure our friends and lovers are pretty much on equal ground with us. So at the very least, it could be a subconscious reaction to giving out more than you're getting.

    It's a difficult issue though, since this fetish is often not met with a great deal of approval. At the very least most people without play-partners seem to get by pretty well by just enjoy diapers solo in privacy. Maybe you could work out some kind of agreement like that, where you are allowed full privacy to enjoy diapers without guilt or shame? And then with that enjoyment you could maybe engage in what your wife needs.

    Agreeing with Stront in that you may want to seek counseling of some sort, since a problem is rarely just about the diapers or any fetish. It's usually other deeper stuff. So many times people think they are fighting about this one thing on the surface, but really they're fighting about something too deep and too big to pull up.

    Wishing you luck!

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    I re-read your post and it appears I missed the part where you said you DON'T have a sexual attraction to men or women but just to diapers. Sorry to hear that. That's a really difficult situation. I was in a marriage where my husband wasn't sexually attracted to me and we got divorced. It didn't work.

    I'm not sure what the difference between romantic partners and friends are other than the romance and sex. I don't know what to say to asexuals, except to maybe find another asexual to marry. Because otherwise, isn't it very unfair? I'm glad I got divorced with, now. At least I was given the opportunity to find true love and not just a strange legal friendship.
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    Well me and my wife are in the same boat. Only difference maybe is that we have always been in this boat. I'm asexual and am only sexually attracted to diapers. I get my sexual fulfillment on my own. I am also repulsed by the idea of sex to the point where it would make me sick if I tried. For that reason, I have not been able to help out my wife (we have got to be some of the only married virgins out there).

    Anyways, I can't give you any advice because I don't have any, but I did want you to know that you are not alone. Hope others can help you out with the rest.

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    I am the same... I am 43 and single. I have had a hard time telling my lovers in the past that I was into diapers. Then I would shift and tell women too early, and they would run for the hills. Either way it is a painful situation either way. Sorry you are going thru this and your not alone.

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    same here, im experiencing this exact same thing right now in my relationship, although my relationship is a bit different cause im with another guy. sex just doesn't really have any appeal to me, but if he had his way he'd have sex multiple times a week. every now and then, sometimes i just have to grin and bear it and let it happen. once we get going i dont find it to be so bad, but its just getting to that point that's so hard. In the end id rather not have sex at all, i can make myself feel so much better, without having to jump hurdles, without taking risks, without having to deal with the pain, and without feeling loose and wore out afterward. All in all i weigh sex to be more negative than positive, but this isn't how most people feel. And my lack of sexual desire is also affecting our relationship.

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