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Thread: Finally am wearing and very exited

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    Default Finally am wearing and very exited

    So I finally ordered my first pack of adult diapers, and wearing my first one right now! I haven't worn anything in like 14 years so this is special moment. I'm so exited, I could barely contain myself. Did anybody else have this experience? Being extremely exited the first time you put a diaper on?

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    Lucky you.... My mom dosen't let me have diapers until I move out..... and that will take some time to achive

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    You are not alone. I was so nervous/excited the first time i had diapers i was almost shaking. that first diaper after wanting them for so long is an amazing feeling. Have fun!

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    yeah the first one i ever put on was the same way, it was so amazing the feel of the diaper and how it fit so perfectly

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    I remember thinking, "this actually feels right, like I'm supposed to be in these."

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    The first one is always the most exciting! I remember when I ordered my first ones from online like it was yesterday...

    I had planned everything perfectly so that I would be home when the package arrived and no one else would. I remember sitting by the window thinking to myself 'where is the UPS guy!?!!?'. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, I heard a knock on the door, and I opened it to accept my package. I almost died from excitement when I ran upstairs to open it.

    I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. Enjoy your new diapers!

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    When I first tried a diaper, I was extremely excited and nervous, it was great though I haven't tried one in a long time. Anyway enjoy the diapers !

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    I wore for the first time just last week and it was amazing. I've been DL since I was 6 and always made makeshift ones when I was alone. There was one time when I was 8 or 9 and my grandparent had adult diapers in the closet and I always was tempted to try one on but never did in fear of getting caught. I always regretted never doing it. Last week, after discovering this site, I got the courage to get a 12 pack of Goodnites xl. So I went down to my 24hr superstore around midnight when nobody was there, picked up a pack, used self checkout, and went back home which I had all to myself. Wearing for the first time was amazing and they were actually pretty comfortable. They are a bit tight, but I liked it that way. I also thought, "dang I'm pretty skinny to fit in these" lol. I have a 31 in waist. They still felt a bit thin when I wore just one, so I doubled up and put on another one and it felt even better. I think the best part was that they are actually pretty quiet and discrete under pants even when I wear 2, so I've been wearing them since everywhere (except work) and nobody has noticed. Plus they don't ride up over the waist. I feel fantastic.

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    My girlfriend and I treated me getting cushies like a holy gift hahah she took me upstsairs changed me gentley so. Yes get excited your allowed! Hell make it a holiday for yourself you are one of the lucky people that gets to be excited about a diaper ;-) honestly if that isnt cool I dont know what is, its simple and unique to be able to feel a sense of calm with a diaper on your mind EMBRACE IT♡


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