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    Just thought I'd ask if there are any kindred spirits who are runners in this group. I started running thirty four years ago as a means to fight depression, alcoholism and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Two years after I started running I ran my first marathon in two hours and fifty five minutes and brought the time down even lower in subsequent marathons.

    Running has kept me stable throughout my life and kept me away from medication for depression. After running my first marathon, I found the courage to go back to school (after being a high school drop-out) and become a social worker. Every morning when I wake up and think of the stress and challenges I'm sure to encounter in my day, I get in my six mile run along the Rideau Canal and by the time I return I know I can take on the challenges.

    It's just been such an important part of my life, I wanted to see of there are other runners like me who have similar stories. Feel free to say it here or chat me up.

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    I used to run cross country and track back in high school and I try to hit the road when I can. One summer a friend and I would run nearly 15 miles everyday in preparation for the upcoming season. I was never a fast runner, I think my best 5k was at around 18 minutes, but I had more endurance than nearly half the varsity folks. While attending a running camp we had a "motivation day" where you would run as many miles as you could within a 12-hour time-frame. I think I ended the day with 54 miles logged in, the most of any runner at the camp. The biggest thing for me though is the feeling of freedom I get from running, the way the wind flows through my hair and the solitude. It's only you and the road, plenty of time to think about life and goals.

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    Love jogging. Only did a half marathon. It was pretty fun.

    I was looking at getting a jogging stroller at Babies R Us about a month ago to get me back out exercising. Gym is not really doing it for me. Exercise is an awesome tool for depression.

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    I only recently started running this past month. It's amazing to see the increase in stamina you can get after suffering through a few hour long sessions. The only downside though is that I sweat a lot more easily now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starrunner View Post
    Two years after I started running I ran my first marathon in two hours and fifty five minutes and brought the time down even lower in subsequent marathons.
    Those are really impressive marathon times.

    I enjoy running, but I've never been particularly fast. It definitely helps with depression, and I notice a marked decrease in my mood if I go without exercise for more than 3 or 4 days. Running alone doesn't do it for me, though, so I'm on prozac as well.

    I started lifting a little while ago too. I never thought I'd be one to get into it, but I actually really like it. It's a nice change of pace from running at times. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to combine them, however, but that seems rather hard.

    My current living situation makes running a little difficult. I like to run at home without having to drive anywhere, rather than at the office. Unfortunately that means my only option is hill repeats - or long uphills and downhills. That gets a bit old after a while.

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    I live on a hill too, a peninsula, and I go running or mountain biking fairly frequently. I agree that exercise is one of the best ways to keep in a positive mood. Brings out the endorphins and all that.

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    Jogging is good. I've done the Bay to Breakers a few times. I love doing charity runs. My heart is more into hiking though. Exercise definitely helped me to get a handle on my own depression.

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    I jog /run about 5 times a week and with a few days of lifting thrown in. I don't have depression but it takes away my hyper energy so I can concentrate better. not to mention I love to eat so it allows me to eat what I want without feeling guilty.

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    I ran Cross Country & Track back in High School, but since then, its been a challenge for me to keep on running. Though recently, I've been running more and more recently and I even signed up for a Tough Mudder. So that's been motivating me to run every day and get back into shape.

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