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Thread: pregnancy with an ab/dl partner

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    Default pregnancy with an ab/dl partner

    A few months ago i found out about my partner. I love him so i was so understanding and accepting of this any way life goes on and we were happy or so i thought 2 months ago we found out i was pregnant we were both*over the moon. But the past 2 months have been difficult i found that i was very ill with the pregnancy and didnt want to involve myself as much. Now im 3 months and hes left. With no real explanation. Im in a real dilemma i risk loosing my own family too as a result of all this as they have there own ideas of how to fix the problem they of course dont know about the abdl side as they wouldnt understand. I suppose i just wanted to know if the problem was me ...

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    The only thing I could think to suggest is to talk to him and find out why he left. There's no solving a problem if you don't know what it is. That said, simply walking out on a pregnancy is the definition of uncool in my book, so he'd better have an amazing explanation! You can't blame yourself for having morning sickness, being irritable, etc. That's pregnancy 101, and he should know that too. I'm male, but I'm a dad, so I've been through it, albeit in a very different way.

    As for supporting his AB/DL, it sounds like he was with you for a while before coming out to you about it, and you were supportive when he did. You did what you could. Perhaps, as he came to realize what life with a baby was going to be like, he convinced himself that he wasn't going to be able to compete with the Real Thing for "baby time." Just a guess, and I'm not making any excuses for him. Again, you guys need to talk and come to some kind of understanding.

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    Sorry to hear that. Yours is a question I certainly can't answer because I wasn't there and didn't see what led up to it....from both sides. Like any failed enterprise, you conduct a short review, try to learn from your mistakes (if any), so you don't repeat them, and move on.

    Even if it was you, you have other things to think about now. Who did what doesn't matter so much.

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    my wife is pregnant too, with only 4 months to go. she too is very understanding of my condition and supports me fully, however she is also worried that this will affect our child. we really haven't spoken too much about it since then. my suggestion is talk to him, and figure out what happened and then work through it. i plan on talking to my wife today about our situation so it does not put a wedge between us and our marriage.

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    Thank you for your advice ... at the minute i think i shall let things cool down ... then i shall try and talk .its not that i dont want to be a part of it with him i do i just cant give him the attention at the minute with feeling so ill and not myself . Things are difficult with a new baby i know u just cant do everything u used to do. I suppose u stop been yourself for a little while but its worth it. I hope we can work it out as we were made for each other .

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