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Thread: Anyone play D&D: Online or Neverwinter?

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    Default Anyone play D&D: Online or Neverwinter?

    I just wondered if anyone here plays Dungeons and Dragons: Online or Neverwinter? I haven't really played them in ages but it would be good to get a group together or something.

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    moo already has a group going for dnd online. they play every sunday from 1pm till 6pm i think. they might have stoped it but if you look under the forum for gaming i think youll find it there ok.

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    I was also interested in Neverwinter too. I prefer the Forgotten Realms setting to Ebberon which is used in D&D online. I shall take a look at this forum tho.

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    glad i could have helped you out draxralin

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    We have an active DDO group here. It's been very active with some people playing on any given day, though it's begun to wind down a bit as many of the people playing have college semesters starting.

    The main group is mostly running epic content at the moment, but is likely to TR soon. The best way to get involved if you're interested in running with us is to PM Moo.

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