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    I am couriois and I wonder. What kind of diapers exist and what are special about them? ( i only know about pull-ups and the normal diaper)

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    Hmm....not sure what you're after, but I'll try to give you some opinions. There are cloth diapers that require plastic or waterproof pants available. I primarily wear disposable diapers so I won't go into great detail regarding cloth. There are a lot of disposables available in quite a few styles. There are the pull-up variety, pad & pants styles (for light incontinence), disposable diapers with a "cloth like" outer cover and disposable diapers that have the more traditional plastic backing. There are too many brands out there to mention but the more common ones are Depends, Attends, Molicare, Unique Wellness, Prevail, Abena and many, many more. I would suggest going to the reviews link here as there are a lot of reviews that go into some detail which can help you find what you are looking for and/or need.
    As far as what makes them special.. I don't know that any one answer would be fitting. To me, I have had a life long desire to wear them. A shade over 10 years ago I developed health problems and shortly thereafter started to have bed wetting issues and now need them. I have no idea as to why I like diapers and gave up trying to understand it years and years ago.
    Hope this helps or at least you in the right direction.

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    some diapers, have cute styling or babyish prints on them, most are fairly plain and medical style as they are commonly called. some diapers hold enough that you could pee in them 4 times or more, some are thick and absorbent while others are thin and discreet, in the end it boils down to what you want them for and what you prefer. i myself enjoy wetting diapers so i like diapers that will fit well and hold alot and give a good wet squishy feeling.

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