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Thread: and the verdict is...

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    Default and the verdict is...

    The doctor was unable to see me this afternoon--a family emergency called him out of the office early--but he was able to give me a consult on the phone.

    He said that I had an overactive bladder. (Tell me something I did not already know.) He said that the muscles releasing the sphincter opened rather randomly, and that this could be helped in several ways.

    One way, he said, was retraining. (Oh, goody! Potty training!) But that would involve keeping to a very strict bathroom schedule--every hour, then every 1.5 hours, etc.--and I cannot do that because I am a teacher and have to follow a preset schedule over which I have no control (sort of like my bladder, now that I consider it...).

    Another was is nerve stimulation, involving regular external stimulation of the nerve that runs all the way from the lower leg up to the bladder (and, I presume, beyond) in order to jump start it into working again.

    Another was the "invasive" methods, including surgical procedures, etc., which he told me about but only as information to have; he did not feel they are needed, certainly not at this time. And I told him that I have extreme doubts about any invasive procedures.

    Which left medical intervention. And I told him that, hey, I'm all in favor of finding some miracle drug that will stop this. That is, after all, where I started. But the drugs I took in the spring did no good whatsoever. Nonetheless, he thinks there is one out there that will work without bad side effects. And he's starting by retrying one from the spring at a higher dosage.

    So yay. I'm on drugs again. We'll see if they have any more impact than before.

    Meanwhile, my new case on Tena Slip Maxis has come, along with a sample pack of I'm at least not going to worry about leakage while waiting for something to happen...

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    I would aim for the retraining. But do it in a diaper at work. At home Regular clothing. If you live in USA I know there a lot of holidays and breaks. In some area It seems they have a day off every other week. That could be a way out of drugs. Just a idea.

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    Its an answer of sorts I suppose or am I being to negative ? I couldn't work out if you are pleased or not.

    I was hoping for balloons and bunting with a massive sign saying ' I have an answer ' but I suppose going back on drugs you have already tried isn't really the result you were looking for.

    By the look of it, there are multiple things to try now your doctor knows what's actually going on so I'm going to keep an open mind and pray to the great diaper that if the drugs don't work then maybe one of the other options will.

    I like Lestat's suggestion of retraining while diapered at work although you know better than any of us if its possible.

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    I like your choice of being diapered while teaching your classes. You know when your breaks are and you can discreetly change. Maybe the meds will work but hope
    you don't suffer any severe side effects from them.

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    I have to admit I never considered the possibility of doing what you suggest. It intrigues me and if this drug does not work perhaps I will suggest it to my doctor before trying other drugs. Meanwhile in the vesiCare is what I'm doing right now because he prescribed it to me. I guess I didn't sound too excited because I have tried drugs before and they had no effect whatsoever and this particular drug is one I did use before with again no effect. So excitement wasn't exactly my mood. Anyway at least as you say there are possibilities and that's good so I am going to be trying several things and perhaps one of them will in fact solve this problem and if not I always can do what I've been doing which you know isn't terrible. Oh and to the question regarding what happens if... well I guess I do what I want to do because I can, not because I need to.

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    I'm on medicare and the main reason I don't go to a urologist is the side effects of most of the drugs like Vesicare. I'm blind in my left eye and have glaucoma problems
    in my right eye. So I'll just stay with my diapers and live with it. I value my eyesight a whole lot more.

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    I have the upmost respect for any one who can tolorate the bad side effects and take the pills. I hope this medicine works for you and controls your IC. Its a big let down when you suffer the side effects and the drugs dont work. That is part of the reasons I dont like meds its a guessing game to find out if they work. I understand why you arent to excited to take meds. And I wish you the best of luck with meds.

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    One Question is the drugs you had to take oleman72 what cause your eyesight problem?

    One Question for ICkaraokegirl If you tried one drug before and never work for you. Why try it again? I learn due to my Epilepsy if one drug dose not control the problem it not going to fix the problem. That if you try it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
    One Question is the drugs you had to take oleman72 what cause your eyesight problem?

    One Question for ICkaraokegirl If you tried one drug before and never work for you. Why try it again? I learn due to my Epilepsy if one drug dose not control the problem it not going to fix the problem. That if you try it again.
    I've never taken any drugs for my IC problems. My vision problems started back in my 50's with early stages of glaucoma. I lost my vision in my left eye at age 67. At that time I had cataracts
    in both eyes. That was the first time that I started using my medicare. At age 72 is when I had my cataract surgery and had my treatment for glaucoma started. Vision problems runs in my family
    as both my younger brother and sister have problems.

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    I have glaucoma issues in my right eye from surgeries gone wrong and it runs in the family. And found out there are alot of meds we cant take cause they worsen the conditions.

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