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Thread: my AB,ABDL story

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    Default my AB,ABDL story

    I started when i was about 9. We were at my uncles house, and found out he had just got a brand new pool. We didn't have any of our swimming clothes so we just swam in what we had on. Well after we were done, my brothers and I were giving diapers to wear until our clothes were dry. This upset my brothers, but as for me I was very comfortable in my diaper, in fact I really enjoyed it. When our clothes was finished drying I had decided to keep my diaper on until I did not have a choice but to take it off after we got back home. The next time I was reintroduced to diapers was not until I had a job making my own money. It was right after my grandfather passed away. My life felt like there was a huge void in it. Then I had come across the Bambino sight. I ordered some right away and even payed the extra for the rush delivery. As soon as they had arrived I rushed into my camper and put one on. I was happy again for the first time in a long time. Well soon after my camper died and I was forced to move in with friends or family, neither of which knew of my newly discovered happiness. So I had to give them up.On August 12th 2012 I was in a terrible car accident. I had broke my hip, my arm, and shattered my jaw, on top of a small brain bleed and a collapsed lung. Then I didn't have a choice but to wear a diaper cause i couldn't move on my own, which was completely fine with me, I got to be myself and no one cared. Soon after recovery though I was introduced to my wife, and thought who could ever love a man in diapers, so i gave them up yet again. Not too long ago I decided i had to tell her, it was the scariest thing I had ever done in my life. I was so afraid that I was almost in tears when I told her due to the fact I thought she was going to leave me when she found out I was an AB/ABDL. To my amazement she was really understanding and told me that if that was what made me happy then go for it. She has supported me ever since and even got me to tell my family members too. Now I wear a diaper 24/7 and don't have to hide it anymore, and I have to say, I have never been happier in my life.

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    Interesting backstory. I'm sorry for the problems you have had, but it sounds like you got a wonderful wife!

    Do you have any hobbies or other interests?

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    I love to go cosmic bowling and long walks. I also love to go camping and fishing.

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    Oh wow I see you have gone through similar struggles but then triumphs as me :-) so good to here your ABDL lifestyle can thrive in peace I hope that for all of us here

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    Hi Mate, that's awesome that you found someone who supports you for you. Did she ever mention she may join you?

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    I love the backstory. Welcome to Adisc!

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    as a matter of fact, yes she has said she would give it a try just for me now i just hope she feels the same comfort and happiness i do when i wear them.

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    yes it was very scary to come out with it, but i knew if i didn't it would eventually hurt our marriage, so i finally swallowed my pride said a little prayer and everything worked out. thank you for the welcome

    - - - Updated - - -

    thank you so much for the welcome, i really so enjoy this sight and can't wait until i level up one more time so i can start chatting with everyone

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