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Thread: Weirdest thing - Staples sells diapers

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    Default Weirdest thing - Staples sells diapers

    So I was just surfing around on the site and I saw that they had a first aid section. Clicked on that and it turns out they have sometime kid of weird medical supply/pharmacy arrangement because all the products under there are like none I've ever seen in an office environment! They even sell Molicare!! Odd interwebs right here.

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    ya i find that very wierd :\

    i actually thought about buying from them

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    For people too busy working to go to the bathroom?

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    That's a very interesting find. I also found out Office Depot also sells Adult Diapers on their site too. So I guess when people think of office supply stores, diapers come to mind. Eh, if that's what they want to sell and it helps bring in money then good for them.

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    I used to work for staples distribution center in CA this must be a fairly recent thing

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    Wow this caught me by surprise but it's really cool. I might have to give them a try

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    I love how I posted on this earlier and nobody noticed...
    They also have super cheap adult diapers. 30 cents per brief cheap. They are plastic backed too.

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    Wow! Talk about one of the last places I'd ever look to find these! Is there any connection between office supplies and diapers that I missed out on?

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    OK now,

    Staples in my town died after an Office Max opened in a better location (strange, less visible, but on a more beaten path, Location, Location, Location)

    LOL, and I had a hard time finding this stuff on Save Express!

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