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Thread: PEVA plastic pants

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    Default PEVA plastic pants

    I've just received the nappies and plastic pants I ordered from I ordered some PEVA plastic pants because although I like the idea of reusable nappies, they don't make the crinkle noise of disposables... Not anymore!!! These PEVA plastic pants are seriously noisy... I just love them. I can hear then clearly under my clothes, not sure how well they'll perform for their actual purpose and I could never wear them out of the house, but I'm definitely going to order another pair!!!

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    I used to glue two toddler Gerber PEVA pants so they fit, no protection of course. But they were sure noisy. Noise is a big issue with me, Can't have any or i'll be discovered =D even my regular adult plastic pants that are very soft make some noise, lucky my pants make enough noise by themselves to mask it.
    I would order some for sure if noise wasn't an issue, so if that's your case you should def go ahead with it.

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    might be helpful if you included a link to where PEEVA can be ordered...where it is available, etc. just sayin'...

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    Sorry, I was posting from my phone and couldn't work out how to add a link.
    I slept in them last night, over a double cloth nappy and I can confirm that they perform as well as any other plastic pants I have used... with the added fantastic noise!!
    For the record they are here: and are the Gerber white.

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    I also have a pair of the peva pants. They do make more noise than any other pants I have. I can also add they do perform well, but would like to add one note if you order them. Order 1 or 2 sizes larger. In the Comco brand I wear a large. how ever in the peva I wear a xxl.

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    Baby-pants are where I get my cotton training underpants. They have a thick & thicker size - I have both. My PUL plastic underpants I get from AdultClothDiaper.

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    PEVA is marketed as breathable. Itís hard for me to envision a breathable material being waterproof?

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    Why??? Gore text is breathable yet waterproof...

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    I agree with the op. These are the liudest plastic pants I have ever worn. No wqy you could weqr theae in a library ir everyine in the whole place would hear you lol.

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