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Thread: Thought i'd start this off with a generic "Hey"!

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    Default Thought i'd start this off with a generic "Hey"!

    Thought i'd start this off with a generic "Hey"! Found this site recently and thought it was a neat idea so I decided to sign up.
    Ive' been wrestling with this part of my personality now for many years like most people on here I am sure.
    I'm a pretty versatile bloke into a lot of hobbies so here goes the other bits…
    Motorcycles road and race, snowboarding, skating, skydiving. I like computing but now have a Mac, pretty big platform gaming fan. I play guitar and enjoy a lot of different music genres.
    If you want to know anymore please drop me a line.

    Hello all, pleased to be here. xXx

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    yaaa! I'm glad your here too! X) I think you will find more about yourself here, oh and we are a great bunch to talk to.

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    hey there and welcome im Little Leo may i ask what kind of music you like to play on the guitar ? i play guitar as well any way take care and may be see you around again welcome. LEO

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    Someone stole the straight lines from your B's (3a3y 3oy)!!! I would definitely report that to the proper authorities immediately. That being said... welcome to ADISC!

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    Thank you all for the welcomes,

    Leo tried to pm you but apparently I'm too new! So I grew up on grunge I play alot of that, but I like pretty heavy stuff too which is what I prefer to write (Melodic Hardcore). Listen to a real mix of genres though...found some talented ppl on youtube WalkOffTheEarth who I think are great musically. (i don't get any money for that plug).
    What about you what do you like playing what guitars do you have?

    Lil'M: i thought may3e every time I used a 3 i would use a 3 but even in this short little reply 3ack I am getting a little 3affeled so I don't think I can maintain it!

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    Yeah. We wouldn't want any wierdo off the streets to be able to jump into ADISC and start PMing everyone. So you have to prove yourself first. There is a physical challenge, 200 question test, and 10 page essay required to get PM privileges.

    OR.... you can just make 20 posts on the forums and wait 7 days.

    Most people choose the second option (especially considering that the first option doesn't really exist.)

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