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    Hello. I am a 42 yr old male who lives in the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton area of Pennsylvania. I am married with children, just like Al Bundy! I have been fascinated by wearing and using diapers for as long as I can recall (around age 4 or 5, I remember back that far!) and though I really have no clue as to why I have this attraction I gave up fighting it years and years ago. My Wife knew about this roughly 6 months after we started dating and she used to even participate, but kids put an end to the vast majority of that.
    Roughly 10 years ago I wound up with numerous medical issues and started to wet the bed. Believe me, I tried everything to correct this issue including all kinds of Dr's and tests to no avail. It is very rare that I ever wake up dry at all over the past decade or so.
    In life I am a railroad history buff, a die hard fisherman, a dedicated Father and coach of youth sports and a huge fan of Classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal and blues rock music.
    I've yet to meet any others at all who share this fetish, but one day hope to have the courage to do so. I am not really into the AB side of this at all and though a bed-wetter I am a DL. When I used to just wear for pleasure I would always at least wet, and I can't say I didn't enjoy messing, but that has become incredibly rare for me to do due to circumstances. It was a lot easier to do prior to having kids.
    Quite a few of my close personal friends know of my health issues and have either seen me in diapers in the hospital or while being bedridden at home and when i am not doing well whenever I have to go on the road for a trip of any length of time. If they haven't seen it, most have seen the diapers. I've never heard any negative comments regarding them, but the only one who knows I actually enjoyed diapers is my wife. I have been blessed with more true friends than any one person truly deserves in life..where most people are lucky to have one true friend, I have close to a dozen that I can rely on for anything and trust with my life.
    Oh well, enough for now. I think I may have done a short introduction upon joining this site, but this one is much more descriptive. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! I am very hard to offend.

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    Hello and welcome to adisc! I am the same way, a DL and not too much into the AB side. I used to think I was the only one with a kink like this, until about a week ago when I found this site. Now I am embracing this part of myself instead of being ashamed of it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    I'm from lower Montgomery County just outside Philadelphia. Nice to hear about another DL in the area (seems we have been getting many UK and Australia folks recently).

    I'm not particularly interested in RR history, but I am in interested in the old steam engines.

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    Over the years I have noticed quite a few of us in Pennsylvania, but none ever seem to be in my area.
    My interest in RR history stems from model railroading. I am into N scale trains and built a pretty decent sized layout 15+ years ago. After building it as far as realistically could be done, I decided I wanted to build a larger one. I designed an around the walls layout in my back room of my basement. It was designed to be 14' x 28", 12' x 30" and 13' x 20" which is huge for N scale. I was unsure how I was going to design the track plan and scenery so I started to do some research on local (albeit mostly gone) anthracite railroads. One thing led to another and while at a train show in Maryland I came across a RR book dealer. They had a book "The History of the Lehigh Valley RR", and being that was a local RR near my house that I grew up in, bought it.
    I couldn't put the book down once I opened it, and was awake until 4:00 AM that morning. That left me hungry for more historical information, and I know have a library of RR history books that number close to 100. The part of this that cracks me up is that during school, I could not stand to read most books. I found it to be incredibly boring and a waste of my time. The only book I had ever read and enjoyed to that point in my life was Tom Sawyer. Granted, I have a dry taste in reading material, but RR history is something I can not seem to get enough of!
    The ironic part of all of this is that I had a working track plan designed and built all of the frame work for my new layout, and then got really sick and wound up with health issues I have to this day. I can no longer afford to build my dream layout, as the track alone would cost me well over $1000.00. I have a lot of rolling stock and everything like that, but the price of the track, scenery materials and everything else that goes into building a rel nice & detailed layout keeps me from being able to do it. Prior to getting sick I made pretty good money. I still occasionally have some days that I feel well enough where I actually will make a few bucks, but nothing like what it was over 10 years ago.
    I too like old steam engines and wish I had been around when they ruled the rails. I've gone on quite a few RR excursions and quite a few have been steam powered. I live close to Steamtown in Scranton, and have been to Strasburg numerous times. My kids were big fans of "Thomas The Tank" and we took them for the Thomas days down in Strasburg probably a dozen times. I am one of the few people that will hear a train coming, pull over so that I can get stuck by it! I used to walk train tracks to learn what I could and watch trains.
    You hit a nerve with me here man, and I'm glad you did... i love trains, model trains and RR history...glad to know there are some other train fans here!

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    I'm in Quakertown. Heh, small world! I recently started a group here for Pennsylvanians called "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania". I didn't see another group for PA folk.

    Also, metalhead here too, for 30 of my 40 years. Welcome!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, when I am bored I like to look at Google Maps and follow train tracks to see where they go.

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    [QUOTE=loadedpamperman;1103232]I am into N scale trains and built a pretty decent sized layout 15+ years ago./QUOTE]
    My interest was also sparked by model railroading. My father had a beautiful and large HO train layout that I played with when I was younger. I than started to build a new layout that was from Model Railroader magazine in the mid 1960's called the MA & PA RR. Unfortunately, I never finished the layout. Other interests (computers and electronics) took over. Occasionally I look at HO catalogs or stores and look at the prices -- they do seem to be quite high Of course, I can say that about items for most hobbies

    I've been to Strasburg several times and as a member of the Franklin Institute - seen the Baldwin steam locomotive they have in the museum a number of times.

    I too hated reading the books assigned to us in school. It wasn't that I didn't like reading. It was just that I didn't like the subjects!

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