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    Howdy everyone,

    So I decided to tell my BF about this part of my life, granted it wasn't the best time to tell him (during an argument) but it came out. I did and have been trying my best to explain everything to him, but I need help as to I don't know where to turn him for Non AB/DL People, I told him I am a Little and that I would like him to be a Daddy type, there was some words exchanged like "I don't even like kids" which did hit a spot, but he is willing to learn and see. I did tell him that everything should be 50/50 and that I will not force anything on him, I want it to be mutual. So I post this so I can get a had as to were to steer him or advice from those who are in a relationship like mine. I appreciate anything and hope to post how everything progresses, from first time I were in front of him to any or all questions he may ask, I want to be able to share our experience so others may have it too. No matter what lifestyle you have or who you are, this is about helping one another and so forth. Thank you for reading this far.

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    I've not a lot of time today, and I don't see where I need reinvent the wheel...
    Here is a post that I hadn't seen before, including the 12+, which I've also never seen before...looks like it may be a good place for you to start...sorry if it's not specifically relevant (I haven't read it all, so IDK) updated: I read the posts, and I believe you'll find much insight to gain from it! Please read it...

    I'll include more links to this message, as I find them..

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    I would like to revisit this when I have more time to think about it, but I was in a similar situation. My husband was very unsure about this when I first I told him that I was AB. Of course, it helped that we were both DL as well. However, he was a little hesitant because he didn't want to feel like he was fooling around with a kid. The diapers he was fine with, but regression, ageplay, binkies and babyish clothing he wasn't comfortable with at first. He is now, though. No matter what, my best advice would be, take it slowly with your BF. Let him get used to the idea. And try to balance you AB time with your adult side as well. It takes a little bit of getting used to for muggles.

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    Thanks for helping out, I do appreciate every form, advice, opinion. But definitely taking it slow. He didn't know what AB/DL stood for and that itself was nerve wrecking trying to explain, he just wants to know more and I told him I would answer and question and explain as much as I can. He means alot to me and its why I told him, I said "I don't want to hide from you." And as much as its a big step and scary, I love him and want him to know that I am willing to lay myself out for a better future together.

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    He read it, but figured its more for me than him, so the search continues.

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    my wife is a non AB/DL, but ever since i have told her she has been very supportive, and after some time now she is even considering giving it a try herself. who knows the more yal go with this maybe one day he too will give it a try.

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    I dunno if he will, it feels tense and I feel like I'm getting put in the back burner and I just feel so alone and no one to talk to or anything, just want to curl up in a corner.......I love this guy, known each other for 10 years, dated twice this time we making it to 2 years now and like I........I dunno what to do, I want to burst into tears and I'm not a crying type of guy, but I just feel so alone......I dunno what to do....

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    Could some one post the links to bittergrays stuff when a kid loves diapers for the person here.
    And there is a book on Amazon theres a babyin my bed that may help too.
    Good luck.

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