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Thread: Getting A Kick From Getting Caught ?

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    Default Getting A Kick From Getting Caught ?

    Hey every one . The day i went out with Daddy i was wearing cuddlz tho they are quite thick nappies i was not to worried about if people may notice i was wearing a nappy or not but i have all ways been very shy about wearing out in public the though of being busted by some one scars me and still dose. Tho i have been busted once by some one it turned out to be ok she was really nice about it thank god but it may have been so different she may have not been so nice about it. So my point is that i have been hearing a lot about how some people get excited by the thought of being busted out in public and even go out to get caught wearing on purpose.
    My question is
    Why ?
    and has any one ever dun it ? or thought about doing it ?.
    Is it really worth the trouble it might get you in and what kind of trouble ?.
    For me i like wearing nappies and i don't mind wearing them out in public but i try and keep a low key on it by wearing the right clothing the thought of being caught is off putting and scary so why do some many people love getting caught ?. What's your thoughts on this ? Super Big Hugs Leo

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    Most of the time people won't even notice you are wearing a diaper. If you look at people and try to guess which ones are wearing a diaper, you will be wrong 8 out of 10 times.

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    For some who like to wear diapers, shame and humiliation is part of the turn on. Probably they were shamed as a child during potty training, when they wet their pants or bed. They may have been taunted by their peers, especially if they wet their pants in school. There is a psychological theory that these kinds of experiences cause traumas, and thus the act must be repeated again and again in some psychological attempt to find closure. The problem is that the repetition of this act never resolves the trauma. I think we can all identify with this theory to some extent, in that we desire to wear and use our diapers, often having babyish thoughts and feelings, and we repeat the act throughout our lives.

    Getting caught in public creates these emotions of being little and being shamed, as in getting caught. I have this, but fortunately my shyness and better sense prevents me from exposing my diapers, etc, in public. This summer I did ride my bike on the bike trail diapered, but as far as I know, no one could tell. I wear black baggy biking shorts, and I wear cloth diapers, so even wet, they don't show. Never the less, the experience was thrilling for me. We are who we are.

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    It's a turn OFF for me to get caught. I've been caught a few times and when I did get caught I don't want to wear for months.

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    haha getting caught is the last thing I want. whatever floats your boat I guess.

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    Um, no! I wore in public once and I ran into my mum and sister. Sure they didn't know I was wearing - but I felt so self conscious about it I haven't since.

    Maybe when I move to a town where I don't know anyone, then I'll take the risk.

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    I'm beginning to care less and less each year as I let my AB side take over on a reasonable level in public . I will use them for there meaning at any given time. ( except at work)

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    i dont really want to be caught especially by people i know, but sometimes i entertain the idea of someone noticing and what they would think. all i have are abena x-plus so when i wear publicly its gonna be obvious if someone looks at my crotch, and they're also kinda bad for making you waddle so that could be a giveaway also.

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    I think it would be terrifying if I got caught. Whenever my stash has been discovered by my parents, it scared the crap out of me.

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    I have been "caught" numerous times. However, nobody cares or notices. I have what I have, for medical reasons. Those who actually have a burning desire to be "seen in a diaper" are exhibitionists, in my opinion, and a little creepy too.

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