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Thread: Gave in to Temptation Today

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    Talking Gave in to Temptation Today

    And I had a cigarette after 6 months of been smoke free.. Feel such a naughty dragon but it was soooo damn good :P

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    I agree, it can be very relaxing, but use it, don't abuse it. I hope you don't relapse.

    I enjoy a good cigar a couple times a year myself. Goes good with dark chocolate, scotch, and friends.

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    Well I am not a compulsive smoker. Only used to smoke 1 - 3 a day at most. Sometimes none. Just takes the edge away off a stressful day.

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    The last of my bad habits do go. Half a pack a day and they need to go.

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    I am proud to say I have been nicotine free for over a year and half.
    Although I have gained a few pounds but not so much, drynites are just a bit more snug

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    I smoked for around 45 years, but been smoke free for 13 years and a little bit heavier.

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    I quit smoking years ago by stopping cold turkey. The secret is to never have that next cigarette. I'm so glad I quit because I feel much better, plus I don't have smoker's breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleleo View Post
    Dragons are meant to breathe fire not smoke
    Hehe well we do occasionally breathe smoke. And at least we have no need for lighters :P

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    I quit on new years eve 2012, and man am i glad i get to smell the detergent on my clothes, and yeah i gained a little weight lol.

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