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    Hello. I am a bed wetter and a DL. I've been buying over the internet for a long time now, but times are getting tough. Locally there used to be stores that carried Attends and a few other brands but those no longer seem to exist. I've been using the Wellness brief for a few years now but they sure aren't cheap though they do usually get me through the night.
    Has anyone found any discounts or promotional codes to get a better price on top quality briefs and if so, how did you come across them?

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    abuniverse is the only site I see that regularly has discounts and sales. my basic theme with them is never order unless there's a sale. (be patient)

    As far as diapers on the cheap regularly, Tranquility ATN seem to be the best, at a buck each by the case, for fairly high capacity at a low price. (very high sap) Unfortunately there's a substantial gap between them and the cheap diapers (like Breeyo/Assure) which can be had for 35 cents/ea by the case. There's just not a lot in between, in the say, 50-75 cent/pc range. If you are a light to medium wetter, try those and see if they're enough. If they work for you, they're likely the best you're going to be able to pull off, price-wise. ABUniverse sells them.

    I suppose Abena Abri-form 2's or 3's are also worth a look. They're more expensive than breeyo but are better quality, have leak guards, and come in four capacities. (2 or 3 are probably right for you?) Unfortunately the 2 and 3 are about a buck apiece by the case, same as the ATN. So go with ATN for noisy plastic, or M/L 2/3 if you prefer clothlike. XPMedical carries the abena

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    Thanks for the reply. I need a high capacity diaper overnight, and have no choice on that front. The wellness costs a shade over $1.00 per brief as well but work much better than the ATNs ever did for me at least. Molicare also have worked for me, but they were closer to $1.50 each brief. I am awaiting a few samples I requested and will be trying them out. When I wore the ATN brief I had to use a booster, which dramatically raised the price of each unit.
    I was wondering if anyone knew how to obtain a promotional code, as I have seen areas to enter these on a few sights that I have ordered from as well as the Unique Wellness site I've been using for a few years now. I know with the Wellness site you can enter the promo code "wellness' and get $10.00 off of a case. $69.95 for 60 good briefs shipped to my house isn't too bad in reality, but my budget is being stretched and due to health issues it is very hard for me to be able to earn any extra money like i used to do all of the time. I know there has to be other promotional codes out there, I just have not yet figured out how to obtain them.
    Thanks again!

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    earlier on tonight i read a post where someone mentioned they use, i've never used them but i did check their site out a while ago, they carry attends depends and a few other brands. what really stood out to me was that they had a very good price on tranquility slimline and ATN, which i have read in many places to be a good diaper. a bag of slimline in medium was like $6 and ATN was like $10, i dont know how much they normally go for but given what ive read about their performance id say this is a really good price. also the person in the post said they ship discreet and their website mention a 5% discount on recurring orders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loadedpamperman View Post
    Thanks for the reply. I need a high capacity diaper overnight, and have no choice on that front. The wellness costs a shade over $1.00 per brief as well but work much better than the ATNs ever did for me at least.
    ABU sells medium wellness for $80 for a 60ct case, making them about a buck thirty each, assuming you get free shipping. Amazon says MSRP on the cases is $90 but I think they're lying. Wellness sells them directly at $80/free ship on their site: Super Absorbent Adult Briefs - Super absorbent adult briefs case Large Diaper 36" - 46" waist So anything under $80/case shipped is a good deal. If only used overnight, that'd run you about $40/month. Maybe you're trying to limit yourself to one brand of diaper? Wear something cheaper during the day if you don't need as much capacity during the day? I keep a variety on hand and wear what's appropriate to keep costs down.

    (I'm wearing a wellness now actually) Besides the fragile shell, the padding tends to accumulate in the crotch during the day. Standing leak guards are pretty short. Those are the only complaints I have with them, they make an excellent nighttime diaper so long as you don't try to tape too tightly.

    It sounds like you have medical IC, do you have any medical insurance to help with the cost?

    As I said, ABU runs sales frequently, keep an eye on them and get a case when they do a 25% off on cases or something. Stock up if you can. Regardless of who you get them from, you can't expect sales to run year round, and have to be prepared to stock up on several cases when an opportunity arises.

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    I have never looked too hard to see if insurance would cover the cost of my diapers. I am on Medicare and have a medi-gap plan to supplement it. How would I be able to find out if they cover them? I asked a pharmacist I go to years ago if my prescription coverage would cover anything like that and was told no, but I have never looked any further.
    Thanks for the tip!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot to add that you can get the Wellness Brief for $69.95 (I think that's the price, but I know it is well under $80.00 regardless) shipped. I buy from . If you enter the code "Wellness" once you get to the check out page the discount shows up before you enter your payment information. I don't have a receipt on hand to give the exact price, you either get $10.00 or $7.00 off, I am not 100% sure.
    During the day, when I am not slammed to a bed or in the hospital I do not need to wear diapers. If there is a chance I may fall asleep then I have to. Overall I do far better in the summer than I do the rest of the year, and have yet to be hospitalized sans 1 time for an infection in the summer and I rarely am bedridden at this time as well. An example of needing to wear even if I feel half decent would be if we go on a trip. My family went to Tennessee this summer, and drove. We left @ 7:00 PM and planned on driving straight through. I had to wear as I knew I would only be able to drive until midnight or so. We stopped for gas and coffee and I put one on. My wife drove for 4 hours while I slept, and then I took over the drive the rest of the way.
    Thanks for the replies, they have been helpful. I figured the least I can do is to repay the favor and send you what information I have on the wellness brief discount. Hope it helps!

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    thanks for the coupon code, I'll give it a try when I need to reorder. Asking your local doctor is probably what you'll need to do to find out if (and how) your insurance covers or contributes to costs. Will likely need a prescription or some written recommendation from them, and they will walk you through the paperwork. Will probably either only cover costs on certain brands or will have different amounts of compensation if you go off-brand. (some are a bit like the in-network and out-of-network reimbursements for office visits) Even if it only covers 30-50% of the cost, it's better than nothing.

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