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Thread: Changing your diapers in public

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    Default Changing your diapers in public

    Whenever I enter a public restroom diapered and have to change or go to the bathroom I get nervous. I usually wear in public but don't wet, Instead I just pull down the diaper and do my business.

    Am I the only one that fears changing your diapers in public?
    Or even fear throwing away used diapers in public?

    Sometimes I even run twoard the trash can to throw a used diaper away when I have to change them!

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    Even being IC it is sometimes odd to change in public. I keep plastic grocery bags in my backpack to put the used diaper in. You will always get an odd look form someone, but when you need to change it is something that needs to be done.

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    One thing I like to keep an eye for is bathrooms that are meant for one person and have a lock. There are quite a few if you look around. Otherwise realize the average person has no idea, and could care less what you are doing in a stall. I make sure no one is around and hustle toward the trash as well, but I like leaving my sissy diapers right on top of the trash )

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    At this stage in my life I try and keep my ABDLism completely separate, meaning I'll have none of it in the public. So changing isn't a problem for me, however, if you are IC then you don't have a say in the matter.

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    The only thing that i have a fear about when changing in public is the crinkly sound in a silent bathroom >_< but the fear doesn't really come from the fact that i'm wearing a diaper or anything, honestly the fear is mostly related to my gender. But i just throw the diaper away whereever because i think to myself:

    1) im never gonna see these people again
    2) no one is gonna scavenge through the garbage in a public restroom
    3) i kinda get a kick thinking about what the person in charge is gonna think when they see an adult-sized babyish diaper in the trash lol. Is that mean of me?

    Maybe im weird >_<

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    I try to map out the "family" restrooms when I'm in such a situation. Otherwise, I will use a regular stall. As others point out, there really isn't much choice. I'm not going to care what others see or think, because I am not in a fashion show. To be honest, I think I would rather be seen in a Bellissimo than some of the protective underwear (they are UNDERWEAR, not diapers) from Depend, Tena, or other brands. The added coverage of a real diaper is far less imposing when fit properly, than one of those frilly thin panties.

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    I got used to it it doesn't bother me anymore. They're not going to see me again. But it's rare when I have to change in public.

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    Years ago I used to be careful how much noise I made in a stall. These days not so much. Even taking a used diaper to the trash can be done without drawing much attention. Just hold it close by your body with your arms and hands covering it.

    I've changed in many many places outside the house, including in my car, public restroom, in the woods, behind a building, etc. The thing I hate about public restrooms is that most are nasty disgusting places. Some of them have no where to hang your backpack or diaper bag.

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    I always find it's unfastening the tapes that makes the most noise. That's the part that makes me the most nervous. Overall, it's nobody's business anyway.

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    I have found many grocery stores have locking family or ADA compliant bathrooms that are intended for one person. The one at the retail store where my wife works has a changing table and a child restraint seat, which gives me plenty of room for my discrete diaper bag and other accoutrements that I bring with me. Less than six miles from town is a state park where I can change and shower in a handicapped accessable bathroom for a nominal non-camper $2 charge. When we travel, I have a good idea where most of the county and state parks that have handicap accessable bathrooms and showers are if I should need to use one.

    We are about to make another 10 day trip and I have already mapped out our trip maps to consider stops for diaper changes. Our first 3 nights are going to be in a 34 foot sailing sloop off the Oregon Coast. I wll change at the retail store in the coastal town before we take possession of the boat.

    So in response to the thread, I have little difficulty finding private locations to change diapers. During moments that I haven't been able to find a completely private area, I find that large ADA wheelchair accessable stalls are more than adequate to change in relative privacy. Like others that have posted, I bring plastic grocery bags for diaper trash, hold them close to my body before disposing of them in the trash, and washing my hands in the sink.

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