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Thread: Trying some new brands, need advice

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    Smile Trying some new brands, need advice

    So, I am trying to broaden my horizon a bit with different diapers.

    These are the ones I would like to try:

    -Attends Slip Regular Plus 10
    -Tender Adult Incontinence Diapers, night
    -SuperCare Night Time Briefs

    All the usual info from anyone that has tried those brands would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, y'all.

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    The Attends are what I used mostly for my night-time bedwetting... and whilst they are not as high capacity as for example a Tena Slip Maxi, they work really well.
    Although I think the attends M10 I get here in europe are a tad different from the ones you can get... (the ones I have, feature cloth only side panels, making them really comfy, especially during summer).

    So I can really recommend the attends, they're discrete, comfortable and work as advertised. Plus the M size fits me like it was custom tailored

    It all depends on what you're looking for.
    To me the Attends 10 are clearly a night-time or AT HOME diaper... too bulky to be comfortable for me during an active day and to bulky to be completely invisible.
    Also I prefer to change frequently during the day, vs. staying in my own urine hours upon hours just to max out a maximum absorbency diaper.
    However for the capacity, I consider them the ideal night time diaper if you still don't want to look entirely diapered under boxer shorts / PJ bottoms... they actually are still thinner than other night-time diapers, thus quite concealable / discrete.
    Although I personally do NOT like bulky diapers, they restrict my movement, etc... so the 10 are sometimes what I choose to wear on long flights (I travel a lot) or on long car drives.
    (although mostly then I go with the Attends M8 or a Tena Plus... for added level of concealment)

    So the Attends are an ideal choice if you're looking for a good fitting (at least on myself), quite discrete yet pretty absorbent, night time / long time diaper with a good level of comfort.

    Can't comment on the others, never tried (actually never heard about them before).

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    Great! I'll give the Attends a try then.

    About the other two, I am finding it neigh impossible to find any reviews about them, I was trying to figure out if the Supercare range were re-branded Wellness Brief or Tranquility ATN.

    Bulk isn't a problem for me since I am not IC and don't wear in public, yet, and it makes them more playful, lol, so the bulkier the better.
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    Was just looking over this site and they have a good selection and claim to sell at factory price. Can anyone recommend any of those?

    What I'm looking for:
    -Bulk: I like them bulky
    -Noise: I like them noisy or quite
    -Length: I like them long as they fit me better
    -Odor and hygine control: Would be great but not necessory
    -Leaks: Must contain them well
    -Capacity: Must hold a lot
    -Looks: Playful
    -Waist bands: Functional
    -Tapes: Good tapes, adhesive or Velcro
    -Breathable or non breathable

    Basically I am looking for a premium nappy at a cheap price. Any thoughts are always appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdentyCrisis View Post
    Basically I am looking for a premium nappy at a cheap price. Any thoughts are always appreciated.
    You won't meet those requirements for under a buck fifty apiece by the case. if that's not in your budget, knock some features off your list and try us again.

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    So get what you pay for, basically.

    I wonder what the Japanese/Chinese premium brand names are? Surely they would rival some of the more well known ones, and the employee pay rate and manufacturing costs along with exchange rate would surely bring the costs down quite substantially.

    Thanks anyway.

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