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Thread: A day late and a dollar short -- A treasure trove for someone @ the thrift store

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    Default A day late and a dollar short -- A treasure trove for someone @ the thrift store

    Like many of those on here do, I often troll through thrift stores looking for diapers (I like that they can be had cheaply -- and the fact that I sometimes find unique and surprising brands/styles). The stores in my town essentially never have anything -- and I probably wouldn't have the courage to buy because it's a pretty rural area and I have a fairly public career. Anyways, that means I often do my thrift store looking out of town. The other day I was in a nearby city and I saw this on the shelf. These are generic bedwetter pullups in XL -- each marked at $2.99.
    If this would have been 10 years and 100lbs ago for me (and if at that point in my life I had money), it would have been a treasure trove and a boon! But sadly, no point in buying any. So close yet so far a great find.

    What was the 'best find' you ever left on the shelf for whatever reason?

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    awesome find. even if i found diapers at a thrift store i still would be terrified to buy them in fear i saw someone.

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    I have purchased some ATNs from tthe shop near my house and the guy behind the counter asked me all sorts of questions about them...He seemed very interested in them so I just gave him all the info he asked for paid and went about my day.

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    A local store had white Attends, which I was interested in, but were asking...wait for it... $25.00 for a bag! I recently decided to bite the diaper and get a bag, but when I went to do so, they (about 20 bags) were all gone. Just as well...thats a ripoff for a thrift store!

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    I went to a store that was closing 25 miles from where I live close to 15 years ago and to look for some car stereo deals. I bought a tape deck with a 12 CD changer for under $100.00, so it was a good trip. What turned it into a neat trip was that they had an entire aisle filled with outdated Attends for $3.00 a bag. These were made before my time as I had never seen the packaging like that, but for the price I had to buy 5 bags. When I got home an opened one of the bags I was amazed..they looked like a much bigger version of Early Pampers, the kind they sold in the early 70's. I acquired an old package of Pampers not long before and was able to make side by side comparisons. Thankfully, both adult and baby diapers have come a LONG way. They were pretty much useless for anything as they didn't absorb well, had no leg cuffs, etc...
    I still go out of my way when the opportunity to arises to go to close out sales, out of business sales and such, but that was the only time I ever came across adult diapers. I have never noticed any in a thrift store.

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    haven't really gone thrift store trolling lately (no money to spend) though I did score a hard to find 18" wide dishwasher that runs nicely for $20 last fall, and it runs nicely..

    I have yet to see diapers on sale though, but most of the thrift stores I've frequented sell mostly appliances, furniture, and building goods

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    About a month ago I actually snagged a bag of Molicares for $6 at one of the more rewarding local thrift stores to visit. I still have most of them as the tapes are just that much too short and they require too much stretching for me to feel at ease wearing them outside my room

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    Great find. I could probably fit into them. But then again maybe not. Still I probably would've snatched them up if I had the money.

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    At Shoppers Home healthcare (a health supply store with a slightly larger than average diaper selection), I once found a clearance table. On that table, I got a pack of 12 Kendall Wings diapers for 70%, three dollars! They were decent diapers, too! I've never found them anywhere again, but that's by far the biggest bargain I've ever gotten.

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    I recently found a thrift shop that sold TONS of old pacifiers and bottles the only diapers they carried were bunny hugs so mehhh :-/

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