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    My new NUK 5 came. How important is all of the sterilizing, etc? I don't recall doing all of that when my kids were little...

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    Always a good practice, we never know who handled them before us, or what they had handled before packing it. It is always better to be on the safe side.

    I like the one I just got fits me great. Baby paci, 36 months.

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    I rinse mine off in hot water out of the tap all the time. I keep mine in a plastic tub in my dresser drawer out of the daylight.
    I've never boiled mine in water or had any problems with them. Some of mine are over a year old and can still use them.

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    I would definitely wash it when you first get it. Unlike medical items that come in sterile packaging, you have no idea what the pacifier may be contaminated with.

    After that, it depends. I would wash it during and after any illness where you use the pacifier and at other times when you feel it would be wise. Like it was dropped and stepped on with street shoes.

    Finally, I would probably wash it if I had not wash it for a long time (of course my definition of a long time could be different from yours).

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    The NUK5 has a pin-hole that allows air (and whatever) to pass thru. Make sure that you rinse the inside of the nipple too.

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    Bioling is destroying the nipple faster. I'm not doing it (except before first use.) If paci doesn't fall into some shit, there's not (for me) any reason to sterilization. Clean it with fresh (if necessary) water is enough.

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    I heard from a friend that the reason people boil them is to prevent a babies mouth from getting infected. I thought the same thing when I got my bottle. I forgot what it was called but when a baby that is not a year yet has a dirty paci they are in danger of getting infections in their mouth really easy and it is recommended to boil the thing. Thank God I have a mature immune system. Now all I want is to be IC. Na kidding
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    I always rinse mine in hot water when I take them out of the package and I wash them every other day.

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