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    Default searching for a new avatar

    So I have recently been through all kinds of emotional swings in my life as a result of explorations here on ADISC, and I have uncovered, discovered, or rediscovered the existence of my very strong Little side, which I had not even been consciously aware of when I signed on here a couple of months ago. At that time, I knew I had an ABDL past, but (though I could have and did describe it in posts) I would not for the life of me have known how to label it, and I certainly was not aware that it still had such a hold on me.

    When I built my profile, the pic I chose for an avatar seemed fine to me. I was here exploring IC issues, so I didn't need a babyish character or anything. I found this karaoke-focused .jpeg and it fit, and I didn't think much beyond that.

    I don't think it fits anymore.

    I want a cute avatar, but I can't seem to find one. You see I'm looking for something specific, and it might not be out there. So I'm wondering if anyone knows where I might find it, if indeed it exists.

    I'm looking for a cartoon image that shows a little girl or baby in diapers who is clearly singing into a microphone. I would love it if the character were anime--that would be ideal. I don't want it to be furry. (Nothing against furries, but that would not represent me.) If it's silly, that's actually even better. I like silly. But I'll look at anything.

    If anyone has a thought, I'd really appreciate the help!

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    First row, 6th one over: It looks copyrighted but maybe one of the great artists on this site can draw you one.

    More little girls singing

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    Doubt you're going to find an image that fits that description to a T that isn't going to look shitty cropped to a 150x150 size limit.

    Probably skew older than what you're looking for:

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