View Poll Results: What do you like most about wearing diapers?

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  • Just the general feel of them.

    145 85.29%
  • Wetting.

    131 77.06%
  • Messing.

    48 28.24%
  • Wearing them under clothes.

    87 51.18%
  • Wearing just a diaper by itself.

    90 52.94%
  • I much prefer seeing other people wearing them.

    25 14.71%
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Thread: Why I like wearing diapers.

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    Lightbulb Why I like wearing diapers.

    I was thinking about why I like to wear diapers today. If you take the time to read this and reply that's great and if not, that's fine too.

    This is following my recent experience wearing an Abena L4. I personally love these diapers for their capacity and containment.

    I woke up wet in the morning following wearing to bed. I wasn't nearly reaching the capacity of this diaper so naturally I left it on. I had my morning coffee and proceeded out to the porch I have in my apartment. I live with my girlfriend but she was out for the night so I was free to do as I pleased. I threw on my gym shorts, of which I wear most of the time I'm diapered. After getting through my first cup and making my second I had the urge to go, so, standing on the porch, I just went. I'm not one for public thrills in the sense of showing my diaper when I'm out at stores and so forth but I had at least 4 inches of the waistband showing out the back and the top two tabs peeking about the shorts. My porch is situated towards a street but there is a tree-line thick enough for no one to really see me when I'm out there. There is something about being on my porch with the diaper showing under my shorts that I enjoy, particularly the fact that I can clearly see my reflection in the door.

    After coming inside and sitting around for a while I went back out onto the porch. The top of the padding had a clear stain showing what I had done, even in the reflection. This is what really prompted my thoughts as to what appeals to me in wearing diapers.

    With adult diapers, there isn't too much variety in terms of color and feel. Sure, there are cloth and plastic-backed as well as white, blue, green, and peach coloring, but it's generally the same. I like white plastic-backed myself but everyone is different. What really appeals to me is in a white plastic diaper any accidents are very obvious. There is no hiding when I've wet myself and even less when I've messed. The wetness indicator turns blue or completely disappears in addition to swelling. When I mess the back buldges out, advertising my accident. I enjoy even more when, after sitting and wetting again, the back turns brown making it absolutely impossible to miss that I've filled the seat of my pants. With an adult diaper, the stigma of going against all I had been taught as a child appeals to me even more. I love the feeling of the diaper wrapping around my waist and going up through my crotch in a way that briefs can't possibly parallel.

    In addition to the thoughts of using my diaper, the feeling of having a full one on keeps me coming back for more. I like knowing that I'm wearing a diaper and that I have gone to the bathroom in it. The fact that I can keep it on under my pants and still go as I need to just adds to the experience. I like everything about diapers except the societal implications surrounding wearing them but not much can be done about that currently.

    I love wearing nothing but a diaper to bed.
    I love wearing them around my house with just a t-shirt.
    I love wearing them under my clothes.

    What are some of the things that you guys like about diapers?

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    I cannot answer this poll because this does not fit the incontinence need category. What I "like" about wearing a fitted brief (diaper) is that they keep leakage inside and keep you dry and protected throughout the day and night. They keep the futon from being soaked while asleep. They are helpful. They are part of my incontinence needs that help overnight and during the day. Change often as needed. They are very helpful during long car trips.

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    The sexual angle of DL is not really represented well in the poll choices, so I'm afraid I can't vote. D'oh!

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    So you're saying you don't like the way they feel, you don't like to wet or mess, and you don't like when others wear them? What's sexual about them for you if you don't like any of those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfw4ever View Post
    So you're saying you don't like the way they feel, you don't like to wet or mess, and you don't like when others wear them? What's sexual about them for you if you don't like any of those?
    I could say that I like the way my cloth diapers feel, but then I could achieve the same feel with some makeshift arrangement of bath towels and there would be no turn-on whatsoever. I don't see the properties or utility of an object as necessarily connected to a person's attraction to that object. I am simply turned on by diapers and wearing/using (including "getting off" in) them. There really is no choice above that attempts to convey that.

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    I like the feel of them. It's the fact that the diaper is wrapped around my 'private zone', and it feels like the diaper is hugging me. When I walk in them, I like the feel snug fit of the elasticated waistband clinging to me. I like the feeling of the diaper leg bands as I toddle along.

    I like peeing in a diaper. The feel of the pee trickling down, and the resulting warmth that comes from it. I like the feeling after a few wettings, when my diaper starts to sag, the way that feels, and how it makes me feel.

    Wearing a fresh diaper is like starting a journey. You never know how the journey is going to go. You never know how long the diaper will last or how big the wettings will be. It is a different story everything. Being a DL never gets boring.

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    I like white plastic-backed also. I like when i flood it and it soaks in quick and feels warm standing up or laying down. I liked it when my wife use to pat my diapered butt like my ma use to when i was young. I always go to bed diapered and love feel and the smell for the baby powder. I have some very thin shorts that i ware while walking around the house so no one can see it. I love the hug feel i get from a snug diaper from pulling the bottom tapes up and the top tapes down almost next to each other. I will never be alone for the problems our children have had all there life they will always live with me till i die so all i have is my bed room to ware nothing but a diaper and a t shirt. Yes they know i ware them but never say anything about it.

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    The sexual aspect is pretty important for me. However, I do like wetting my nappy (wish I could do it more than once, but the brand that I use isn't good at absorption with more than one flood, which is basically the only maneuver I know :P ).

    I only mess occasionally, because I hate cleaning up afterwards. I know that some are rather opposed to the idea of messing in nappies, and I can sort-of relate to that (yet I still occasionally do it. My mind is weird: get over it! :P )

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    What I like most, is the security they give me! I dont care if it is cloth backed or plastic backed, just that it is comfortable and performs well enough to provide me with a high level feeling of security. It is my security blanket, protecting me mentally and physically.

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    I like the feel of the diaper as it wraps around me! The warmth from using it! And the crinkle when I move around, all in all I like the peace it brings me!

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