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Thread: Interesting article on Pamper nappy development center (in German)

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    Default Interesting article on Pamper nappy development center (in German)

    The conservative German newspaper FAZ published an article today, of which I think it may be of interest here: Auf der Suche nach der besten Windel aller Zeiten

    It is about the Pampers design center in Schwalbach, Germany. The center works with 2,000 German parents and provides them with free nappies for their children (often prototypes). In exchange, the parents have to keep a diary on nappy usage and fill questionnaires on performance. They also bring their children into the center (which is designed very kid friendly, not like a normal research facility), where the designers can study the wear of their new designs (and competitors products) in action.

    The ultimate goal for the designers is a nappy which is not different to normal underwear.

    Which leads to the one question: If underwear-style nappies would become the standard, would that be the end to DL's? Because if there is no difference anymore, would people miss anything or develop a special affection?


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    not at all! that would mean I could wear them 24/7 and not care if anyone saw me wearing them. they still need to be adsorbent otherwise they wouldn't be diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronie07 View Post
    not at all! that would mean I could wear them 24/7 and not care if anyone saw me wearing them. they still need to be adsorbent otherwise they wouldn't be diapers.
    Sorry, I misformulated my question. I didn't mean it for DL's today, but the generations to come. Imagine you'd grown up as a baby/toddler using underwear-like nappies ("functional underwear") and then one day, when you'd be potty trained, you'd be switched just to non-functional underwear which is otherwise exactly the same. Would there still DL's develop when there is no special feeling associated with wearing a nappy as a little one?

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    I'd kind of argue that we've reached that point today with a generation growing up in cloth backed diapers and pull ups.

    The feel of plastic is the most appealing aspect to me. I'd probably just give up wearing if they disappeared.

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    probably, and likely right after their first accident or two will want to go back to the diapers regardless of they look like.
    I can see it now!, an evil plot to put everyone in diapers!

    truth is, they've been trying for ages to make diapers more like underwear, I just saw a case of Depends pullups for men with some not so childish prints in the grocery store yesterday.

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    But the pee has volume, and it has to go somewhere, so I suppose the the diaper can only be as thin as underwear until you pee in it.

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    Baby diapers are already so thin that they're barely there until wet/soiled. Plus, while there is clearly interest in underwear-style diapers for older kids, such diapers are simply impractical for babies. I don't see tape-on diapers disappearing anytime soon.

    Maybe it was because I have big hands, one of which was always sufficient to completely immobilize either of our kids when they were toddlers, but I never found myself wishing for a pull-on diaper. Ever. Think about it: You're not going to want to slide a messy diaper off a kid; you're going to want to lie them down and do things carefully. And while they're down, the quickest thing to do is tape the next diaper on.

    In the end, I really don't see the diaper experience changing much from here on out. Plus, it's clear from what I've observed on ADISC that many here identify more stongly with Pull-Ups, GoodNites, and other underwear-style diapers than they do with baby-style diapers, so I don't think it matters much. I think, regardless of what form the protection takes, some are going to develop attachments to it.

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    I doubt it would be an end to DLs. The taste in diapers would probably shift to something more underwear like and there might be fewer of them, but they would still exist.

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    I have been seeing some movement towards cloth diapers, since the big manufacturers have been on a constant binge of thinning out and cheapening their disposable diapers. If you do the research, you would be surprised at the amount of cloth offerings, both for infants and adults. And believe it or not, diaper services still exist. Some pediatricians even recommend a thicker diaper to help with special needs in some circumstances. Cloth diapers have this down in spades. Lately, I have been wearing cloth diapers and a Pro-Wrap (large youth or small adult size) cover at night, to save on some of my Abenas and other disposables. They work remarkably well, and are very comfortable.

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