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Thread: What's your optimal night in?

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    Default What's your optimal night in?

    For me, it's a movie night. A bowl of popcorn, a cold six pack, a nice diaper, and a game of Civ IV. Tonight it's G. I. Joe & Robin Hood.

    What about everyone else?

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    Being the otaku that I am I'd say a good anime or a JRPG. I love a good movie too.

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    Internet browser.
    Random pony vids. (I usually listen to the songs.)
    Wikipedia. (no, seriously, Wikipdeia)

    Sometimes it's random games I have like L4D or CoD or CA. Possibly even Audiosurf.
    (diapers if I feel like it... I don't always wear for nights in)

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    Open up dota, smoke a bit and play with close friends. Proceed to yell at said friends & teammates, lol.
    THAT, or just marathoning a specific TV show like the Simpsons, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Trailer Park Boys, etc...

    Diaper optional, but great if I don't want to get up after every match. HEH. (most of the time I don't even USE the diaper, not worth dealing with it while I'm having fun)
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    For me, pretty plain, diapered in bed watching television. In the morning, sleeping in with diaper now wet.

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    Power watching some TV series (right now working my way through falling skies, sometimes it's an older show like McHales Navy, Barney Miller, sometimes it's ponies!) while playing minecraft and drinking (usually vodka and orange).

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    my days are very routine so i can hardly say i have nights in. but if i had to say something, i suppose it'd be along the lines of either watching all of toonami and then going to bed, or watching all the new episodes of my favorite shows such as top gear UK and US, Lizard Lick Towing, South Beach Tow, Hardcore Pawn and whatever else that's fairly interesting. ALSO, another good TV night would be filled with science programs like The Universe, anything UFO's, How The Universe Works, and various other programs pretaining to space, geology, life, and extreme weather. I also used to be big into videogames though lately i havent been playing anything regularly, i am a fan of Guild Wars 1 or 2, Diablo II or III, Runescape, CIV IV and good Racing Sims(dirt, forza, and such). Diapers are just an added bonus if i choose to.

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    My optimal night in would probably involve a plushy to snuggle and a friend to cuddle, a soft diaper, a comfy sleeper, a nice bottle of juice and something good on the television.

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    Giggles, where do i start. Mmmmm, a 6 layer, cotton diaper, with a huge booster pad, thick noisy plastic panties, with a frilly anglaise over pants. A matching anglaise short dress, little white training bra, frilled top socks, lovey white Mary Janes, a 6 pack of coopers lager, tv on watching theBathurst motor racing, whoo hooo, what away to go, giggles

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