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Thread: Possibly AB?

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    Default Possibly AB?

    So I have been a DL for as long as I can remember, I have loved everything about diapers, and always wanted to wear them. However recently I am wondering if there is a possibility I am a little bit of an AB. When I first started buying diapers online last year, I always looked for ones that had a cute babyish look and feel to them, I dont know why, but something in my mind wanted a cute print. Also, recently whenever i see a pacifier or package of Pampers at the store, I get some weird feelings I cant explain. Could I possibly be an AB? And if so what can I do to start embracing it?

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    You might be; but also many people who ageplay and want to regress roleplay as a little but not necessarily as a baby. I know what you mean by those funny feelings though I don't ageplay myself or fancy bottles, pacis or those accessories. You could start with a normal bottle and sippy cup and look into a mail-order paci in an adult size. Many people I know go to Pacifiers Are Us

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    In my opinion I would suggest doing what ever it is that would make you the happiest. You might not be an AB but regressing can be normal. When I got my first Nuk 5 it made me happy inside. If you order from Pacifiers Are Us, you won't be disappointed. They were late with my order because of a death in the family, but they made it up to me as I got it on my birthday. Anyways you could always try it out, and if your feelings change, so be it.

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    Some are AB, while others are strictly DL. But for some, wearing a diaper over time one begins to associate the AB side with the DL side.

    So don't fight it, go with it, this could just be an urge that needs to be satisfied and once done may never come back.

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    You might be AB, you might not be AB. In the larger scheme of things it's really only just a label. If you like sucking on a paci while diapered that's ok, but doesn't necessarily mean that you are an AB. I've heard people describe themselves as DL's with AB tendencies. That could mean, they enjoy drinking from a bottle, or sucking a paci or crawling on the floor while diapered. However they may not like being treated like a baby or toddler.

    I think once you find where your comfort area is, and what is involved, you will be better able and equipped to answer this question. Just be patient and give it time as you explore it.

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    I say do what ever makes you happy just go with it and enjoy it. AB DL no matter as long as your happy and you feel countable with in yourself that's the trip!. Leo

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    You should do whatever feels right for you. Don't fight emotions/feelings, it will make you feel worse and unhappy with yourself if you do. If you feel you want to try something.... try it. You may love it.

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    I think it's common for an AB to start out as a DL and eventually become interested in more babyish things. I started as a DL and I am now an AB. I suggest getting a pacifier at first to see if you like it and then getting more things like bottles and baby clothes if you want.

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    Started (I think) as a DL, became ABDL. I think that this quite common. And normal too. Though I unfortunately don't know any good evidence to prove this.

    So often have I read posts on this topic, a bit here and often elsewhere (ABK, etc), and I am still perplexed to see occasionnaly how robustly some "strict DLs" reject the hypothesis or the potential link with being AB as well.

    AB looks perhaps quite silly to them, at this moment in their life.

    Hopefully, they can open their minds as perhaps the AB side will eventually become manifest. It is not easy to perceive yourself as silly...

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    Alright. So this is a common thing. I have been curious about it, because I started out strictly DL, wearing cuz they felt nice, but as time went on, developed kind of an emotional feeling towards wearing, as well as becoming curious as to what it would be like to have a pacifier or bottle, I think i might explore this further, and if it becomes a thing then see where to go from there, if not then no harm done right?

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