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    Just a post to see what this all about I'm not sure if I'm a dl or AB

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    Quote Originally Posted by flatfoot View Post
    Just a post to see what this all about I'm not sure if I'm a dl or AB
    Welcome. While I certainly can't tell you what you are or are not, especially with only a short introduction, I'm sure you'll find some insights and new angles to consider around here. So please do tell, what sorts of things do you do for non-diapered fun? Any games, hobbies, interests, activities?

    As for whether you're an AB or a DL or some combination of those things, I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning. Since you're here, I feel safe in guessing that you're at least somewhat interested in diapers, childish clothing, pacifiers, or some other sort of gear or apparel. Like I say, take some time, hang around the boards awhile, ask some questions, see some of what there is to see. I'm sure you'll begin to sort it out, and we're willing to help.

    Again, welcome.

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    Hi and welcome back It would all depends on what you like doing while you are in diapers. If you feel that you are a little kid in diapers and want cared for than you are an Adult Baby.

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