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    Ive just obtained a laptop for college. Its a used one. There are currently no antivirus software on the computer. The Hard drive is wiped clean. I'm in need of a good antivirus that's free, I googled it up but I honestly don't know of any good programs to use. Does anybody have any suggestions on some good software? If so what is your experience with said software? Pros and cons would also nice appreciated. Thank you!!

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    I pay for AntiVirus cause I'm a corporate stooge. If there's anyone that knows security, it's a crooked Russian corporation that has ties to the equally crooked state government of that country.

    Regardless, I've had experiences with the free version of Avast in the past - aside from its harassing me to pay for it, it worked well for my needs. Microsoft Security Essentials is also a good choice for Vista/7 and comes bundled automatically with 8. I've had no issues whatsoever with MSE, but the computers I use it on only access one or two websites.

    I've read that Avira is supposed to be quite good as well, though I've never used it.

    Here's a wordy comparison of four major free options:
    Microsoft Security Essentials vs Avira vs avast! vs AVG: Best free anti-virus/anti-malware program for Windows [3rd Edition] | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTech

    I wholeheartedly do NOT endorse AVG, I've had nothing by poor performance, questionable false positives and in two instances, utter destruction of my file system as a virus made its way through vital files. In both cases a free trial of Kaspersky saved me, which is why I now pay for antivirus - even if the Kaspersky Mafia probably invented the virus in the first place.

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    Windows Essentials and Windows defender.

    Like Hobbes suggested It Not the best idea to get AVG. Because Windows Defender and AVG do not like working together. Like Hobbes I pay for my own antivirus. Eset Smart Security small antivirus program not bloated like the other antivirus programs.

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    I know a programmer for NASA and he uses Avast, the free version. I loaded it on to my laptop when I was having a problem. It eliminated the problem in short order.

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    I safeguard my computer with a firewall and Win8 has built-in antivirus. Plus, I don't tend to download stuff (note the word "tend") that would contain viruses. I'm writing this on a Linux system and I would NEVER run arbitrary code.

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    Strange that people have said AVG isn't very good, I've been using it for years with no problems but now my trust in it is being shaken.

    I also use a free spyware protection program called Spybot – Search & Destroy by safer-networking

    Spybot – Search & Destroy is a set of tools for finding and removing malicious software.

    The ‘immunization’ feature preemptively protects the browser against threats.
    System scans and file scans detect spyware and other malicious software and eradicates it.

    Spyware is a kind of threat not always detected by anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your Internet activity to create a profile about you. This information can then be used for example by marketing and advertising companies.

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    My mate had a huge number of viruses (and other malware critters) on his PC. He had AVG installed, which found a virus that it couldn't remove. I tried Avira next -- I can't remember if it found anything or not, but the PC's performance was still poor. Only when I tried Avast did it clear up most of the malware. I still had to scan with Spybot, MalwareBytes, adwCleaner and some other program that I've forgotten the name of to get rid of everything (I hope!).

    Anyway, I'd go for Avast too, just make sure you do a "custom" installation. The default one installs all kinds of useless annoying crap, IIRC.

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    Microsoft Security Essentials is the best free AV in my opinion. As for the best paid one, I would say Bullguard. I got a year free from my bank, and now the time is up I really think I will be paying for another years subscription again soon.

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    I highly recommend AVAST, I used to have really bad issues with malware that Windows Defender and other anti-virus softwares couldn't remove. Once I tried AVAST my computers performance improved greatly.

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