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Thread: So I just started SWTOR...

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    Default So I just started SWTOR...

    ...and I've never played an MMORPG before. I'm not sure if I am doing things right. I'm a console gamer on the occasions when I do game. I really only want to play SWTOR for the story arc. Couldn't care less about guilds and raids or anything like that.

    I hate that they made it an MMO, hate using a keyboard-mouse control, hate that it's not a console game... but I love Star Wars and the KOTOR series are my favorite SW games, so I am a bit forced into finally playing this game. I held out for so long but the curiosity finally got to me.

    So I guess I am saying, can I just do the story and ignore other players, at least until I get the hang of things? Seems like so much to do just to interact with others and how do you do it while trying to control your character's movements and actions?

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    Well if it like Lord of the rings online they would have a chat screen off to the side. You click the chat screen then type in your message. But most MMO after killing the mob you can send a message. Note not the best idea to stay in that spawn area for to long or you be attack again. Or find area like the side of a building behind a rock as long as there distance between you and the monsters. The other way you can talk to people is Raids and Fellowships. You are working with a group of people and you can talk on a Mic and headset in game voice chat. Or If your in a Kinship you can run a program called Vent or Teamspeak and talk to them while you do combat.

    It always good to find a good kinship because they can help make you armor weapons and make food for you at a lower cost.

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    Congrats on post #666, Lestat! \m/

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    I am glad I don't worry about superstition LOL.

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    SWTOR was a steep learning curve for me. It isn't very "new user" friendly. Just try to find people online who know what they are doing and ask a lot of q's.

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    As far as free to play MMOs go SWTOR probably isn't the best, most F2P MMOs usually give you bonuses through micro-transactions or subscription, but SWTOR actively restricts areas of gameplay unless you are a subscriber or purchase authorization passes, things as basic to the game as accessing your cargo hold on your ship or changing your companion's appearance require subscription, which kinda ruins the gameplay for broke people like me :p

    I don't mind having to work a bit harder than those who can afford to pay but being completely locked out of things is kinda mean :x

    But nevertheless I do like SWTOR, storyline is kinda cool and there's space battles too which are kind awesome :p

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    I've been playing SWTOR since launch. And while it is an MMO, it's not a hard game once you learn the basics. If you just plan to do class storylines and all, then it's perfectly viable. I have a friend who is doing likewise, but he decided to subscribe to the game to be able to keep up with me while we level. He enjoys it as he's a big sci-fi nut. Still, the game is perfectly viable for a free to play to go through as long as you can find a way to keep up on the leveling curve they throw you with gaining less XP than subs do. Hope ya enjoy the game at least. I know it's not for everyone.

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