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    Alright...this is starting to drive me I was hoping to get some feedback from the rest of you.

    The past few times I've been Padded this week, I've deliberately laid in bed after waking up and wet my diaper that I've slept in. Trying to get used to it. It takes a while, and it's always a Flood wetting for me first in the morning (capacity wise).

    I wear Bambino Teddies, and I know for a fact that they handle my morning deluge like a champ. I've done so on several occasions - granted, standing in the tub as "insurance", but still I have never sprung a leak.

    However, each time I've laid in bed (thankfully on a mat) I've sprung leaks. From what I can tell, once the immediate "drop zone" is soaked it's as if the liquid is following the leak guard to the back - bypassing the landing pad - and taking a lovely little romp to freedom via the waistband.

    There is an entire SWATH of Padding untouched in the back that would be able to stop the trail in its tracks....yet it escapes.
    It's like I have ninja urine...

    The only causes I can think of are:
    - The Teddy sizing issue for myself (waist is fine, but the middle zone is too long by a few inches - making a loose seal no matter how tight I pull when changing)
    - Boosters needed at night (even if its just to make up the bulk I lack down there, despite my morning success while standing)
    - It happens and I should either just learn to love my waterworks, or get out of bed.

    So...does this happen to anyone else? If so, how do you deal with it?

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    Right where the small of the back meets the Butt. Being a bed wetter I know that spot well. Not sure of what your feelings of wearing plastic pants are but that is how I handle it.

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    Hey paxy this has only happened once or twice to me but from the front of the waistband as i lay on my belly and being a boy i think is a little different . I think its just when you put the nappy on at 1st its a nice snug fit but over the night as you are sleeping and moving around the nappy may become Gappy at the waistband and you know what they say a (Gappy Nappy is a Leaky Nappy) I think Is all about having a snug fitting kind Nappy. Not really sure if this has help't at all but there you go. Hope you are well Super Big Hugs . Leo

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    That's kind of an inherent problem with most disposable diapers. When I wore them to bed I always wore plastic pants with them. That's the main problem that side
    sleepers have. Also you can wear a PUL diaper cover that covers the full diaper that will also control leaks. If you can somewhat control your flow in the morning's
    first pee that will help your diaper absorb it better.

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    I do have occasional leaking problems with disposables but that is due to multiple wettings in most cases (I think) as I am a bed-wetter. I know if I sleep on my side I will leak and on the rare occasion that I wake up and have to pee then I'll flood the diaper and that can easily turn into a leak.

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    (I have a lot of experience with bambino diapers)

    1. probably not doing the lower tapes correctly. They're NOT supposed to pull the back forward and tighten the front. Tape them DOWN, chase the elastic band as far as you comfortably can. you shouldn't be able to reach around back and pull much of a gap in the back at all. lots of people tape the lowers directly toward each other and have leaking problems. You don't have to put them down on the tape panel. Odds are good that you need to aim well BELOW it on the bambino. Aim the tape between the elastic and the center of the diaper.

    2. the bambino is a high sap diaper. as such it does not wick quickly. if you're going to flood, make sure you follow rule 1 above, and then STAY in that position for a little while (whatever position you were in) for a time to let it wick before moving, and especially before doing anything that presses on the saturated part of your diaper

    3. wetting a disposable while sitting is asking for it, only side-wetting is more risky. lay on your back. don't say "I can't" and just give up on it. get used to it. take your time if you need to, but get used to it. Laying on your back while pointed down is THE most leakproof method. see rule 2, after you wet, DO NOT immediately try to get up or out of bed. wicking is assisted by gravity, and it will take 3-5 minutes to fully spread out on the back of your padding. sit up before that, and you WILL press out liquid still loosely bound in your crotch and leak on both sides. make sure you are pointed as close to the center of your diaper as possible. bend the padding so it creases DOWN in the middle, not UP. pee into that crease. if you really get it right, it'll never even hit your skin till your butt crack, and will go directly to the back of the diaper padding, which is IDEAL for the bambinos

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    If your diaper is too big or too small you can have leaks. You can get a measuring tape for sowing and contact an incontinent supplier for measuring tips. If I remember correctly yor supose to measure the circumfrence at the belly button not your actual waist atleast that is how I was told to measure for correct fit.

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    Flooding is so problematic and IMO always risks leaks. Maybe you just need practice but you should learn to slowly release at the first sign of pressure and allow the liquid to be absorbed by the wet lock crystals around them and the remainder to be slowly wicked away by the fluff pulp distributing around the diaper.

    I think those wet lock crystals take some time to fully absorb (not instantaneous) and if you lie on your back any weight will compress the fluff pulp of the diaper stopping the moisture distribution which means more chance of it escaping around the legs etc.

    I am always careful not to overtighten around the legs as this is bad for circulation (which is a more serious issue than a lot of people believe.)

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    i wear the same brand you do and have found that if i havent already gone in them during sleeping, that when i wake up if i just re adjust it a little bit then i can go right in bed with no leaks at all

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